Taiai Peptide Was Invited To Attend The Inaugural Meeting

According to big health data, the normalization of sub-health, the spread of chronic diseases, and increased medical pressure are all health crises people are facing now.

According to big health data, the normalization of sub-health, the spread of chronic diseases, and increased medical pressure are all health crises people are facing now.

According to the National Food Safety Standard of the Ministry of Health of the People’s Republic of China, small molecule peptides are formulated products for special medical purposes and can be used as special nutrition products for hospital nutrition departments. With the continuous improvement of the country’s policies related to special medical food, it has a clear guiding and promoting role for the development of China’s special medical food industry.

Peptides are closely related to life and health. Three-quarters of the health care functions can be provided by bioactive peptides. Peptides have become a research hotspot worldwide and are an indispensable raw material for the development of the big health industry. Special medical food, as a clinical nutritional necessity, has also become a hot special consumer commodity in the market with the rising nutritional demand.

In order to further solve the key problems of technological innovation in bioactive peptides and food for special medical purposes, carry out technical cooperation, accelerate the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, enhance the overall competitiveness of the industry, and provide talent support for the continuous innovation of the industry. The inaugural meeting of the “Food and Bioactive Peptide Working Committee” was successfully held in Guangzhou. Shandong Taiai Peptide Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was invited to attend the event as the vice chairman unit and vice chairman unit.

At the inaugural meeting, Ms. Wu Xia, the chairman of Taiai Peptide, made a live speech. Chairman Wu said: “As a member of the big health industry, in the research of peptides, Taiai are going all the way, and Taiai are determined to use Taiai’s scientific research skills. Play a role in the field of biological extraction, so that small molecule peptide products can play a greater role in the field of big health, and contribute to the cause of big health. I am particularly grateful to be a member of the trade union and to be able to work with my colleagues in the trade union. Together with virtue, righteousness and righteous thoughts, we will jointly promote the healthy and vigorous development of my country’s special medical food and bioactive peptide industries.”

“In the development of China’s peptide industry, Taiai Peptide has the responsibility to maintain and assist the development of the peptide industry. In the future, Taiai Peptide will continue to focus on the research and development of small molecule peptides, continue to carry out technological innovation, develop innovative raw materials, and allow small molecules to develop. Molecular peptides work better on FSMP.”

Chairman Wu Xia also said in her speech: I hope that through the establishment of the “Special Medical Food and Bioactive Peptide Working Committee”, we will work hand in hand with you to effectively promote the effective transformation of small molecule peptide results and the promotion value of the diversified application of the peptide industry. At the same time, it also opens up a new application idea for the future diversified development of my country’s special medical food and peptide health industries!

After 24 years of intensive cultivation in the field of peptides, the Taiai Peptide brand has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In the process of development, Taiai Peptide has been focusing on the scientific and technological research and development in the field of peptides, always adhering to the principle of “letting the common people drink peptides, there is a good body” corporate mission. Committed to applying the value of biologically active peptides through Taiai Peptide’s own enzymatic hydrolysis technology to make the value of biologically active peptides more diversified, Taiai Peptide now has more than 280 scientific research achievements, more than 50 kinds of independent products, 100,000-level GMP workshop standard, a production capacity of more than 5,000 tons, and a production base in Shandong Heze, which will be put into production next year with a daily production capacity of 100,000 boxes. This year, Taiai successfully applied for 9 utility model patents; and reached a cooperation with Jiangnan University. The Peptide Substance Joint R&D Center continuously improves the transformation of the scientific research results of Taiai Peptide; strives to make small molecule peptide products play a greater role in the field of general health, so that more people can benefit from it.

The mission of improving and improving people’s health is a long way to go. Let us join hands to help people’s health and create a better tomorrow for the cause of big health!

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