Taiai Peptide Group’s 2021 Science And Technology Annual Conference Ended Successfully

Firmly develop the peptide industry and strive to create new brilliance! On the afternoon of December 25, 2021, a unique technology annual meeting was held at the headquarters of Taiai Peptide Group. The theme of this event is “new achievements, new scientific research and new leaps”.

Firmly develop the peptide industry and strive to create new brilliance! On the afternoon of December 25, 2021, a unique technology annual meeting was held at the headquarters of Taiai Peptide Group. The theme of this event is “new achievements, new scientific research and new leaps”. Due to the extraordinary period of the epidemic, it is impossible to gather with everyone offline. Therefore, this annual scientific and technological meeting adopts an online live broadcast method to share and communicate with everyone face-to-face on the “cloud”. The report summarizes the scientific and technological achievements of Taiai Peptide in 2021, and feels the peptide and health together.

Attending the Cloud Technology Annual Meeting were Ms. Wu Xia, Chairman of Taiai Peptide Group, Ms. Zhang Jenny, Vice Chairman of Taiai Peptide Group, Mr. Qiao Wei, Operation President of Taiai Peptide Group, President Guo Xinming of Tsingtao University, and Guo Xinming. Professor Zhang Li, chief expert of cerebrovascular prevention and treatment project, Lu Tao, deputy dean of Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Professor Yang Yanjun, professor of Jiangnan University School of Food Science, Professor Chen Pifeng, researcher of Institute of Clinical Translation, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other experts and scholars and elites gathered together On the cloud, share the excellent performance of Taiai Peptide over the past year and the grand blueprint for the common health cause.

Looking back on 2021, looking forward to 2022! Ms. Wu Xia, Chairman of Taiai Peptide Group, gave everyone a summary report of Taiai Peptide in 2021, and pointed out the direction of Taiai Peptide Group’s development in 2022.

Looking back on 2021, the development of Taiai Peptide is inseparable from the strong support of leaders and partners at all levels, as well as the Taiai Peptide people who work hard and tenaciously for the common cause.

Along the way, I have been inheriting my father’s craftsmanship spirit and insisting on upholding integrity and innovation. I believe that only turning more than 280 scientific research results into figures that make people healthy is valuable. “Life is endless, scientific research is endless.” In 2021, there will be 34 new scientific research achievements of Taiai Peptide. It is inspirational to turn scientific research achievements into scientific and technological achievements, responsibility into power, and scientific research into power.

In 2022, the top priority of Taiai Peptide’s new leap-forward strategy is the production base under construction in Heze Modern Pharmaceutical Port. After completion, the daily production capacity will reach 100,000 boxes; 2022 is also the year of Taiai Peptide’s technology investment. The Health and Health Commission has established a common laboratory; for solid and stable development, in 2022, we will cooperate with Dongfang Law Firm to establish a “Safety and Compliance Operation Project” to practice corporate compliance construction, and strive to be a century-old health industry. enterprise.

For market development, we Taiai Peptide will release certain scientific research results every year, so that our Taiai Peptide customers will be more competitive in the market, such as: Cistanche deserticola peptide, eggshell membrane projects, there is no such market that can compete with us. Competitive products, we will customize product IP according to customer needs, and empower them in all directions. To help the development of customer enterprises, and to allow more people to benefit from peptides.

Thank you for having you in 2021, and look forward to our journey in 2022.

As a powerful enterprise focusing on the field of small molecule peptide research, Taiai Peptide is based on mastering core technologies, and continuously increases investment in scientific research. In 2021, it will invest 16.5 million in total scientific research expenses, and obtain four core technologies and five conventional patented technologies. More scientific and technological achievements will be launched in the application field of peptides, so that more people can enjoy the beauty of health brought by innovative technology.

Dean Lu Tao made a wonderful sharing on the theme of “Current Situation and Future Development of Traditional Chinese Medicine”, and elaborated on the current situation and future development of traditional Chinese medicine. In the sharing, Dean Lu also said that Wu Qinglin and Wu Lao have achieved the ultimate in the research and development of peptides, which is a kind of craftsmanship that makes people sincerely admire.

The modernization of traditional Chinese medicine The intelligentization of traditional Chinese medicine and the small molecularization of traditional Chinese medicine. The small molecule peptide technology of herbs is the propellant to realize the modernization of traditional Chinese medicine.

On the spot, Professor Chen Pifeng, a researcher at the Institute of Clinical Translation, Chinese Academy of Sciences, was contacted. Professor Chen brought the theme of “Peptides and Chronic Disease Management” to everyone. After Professor Chen’s wonderful sharing, everyone has a certain understanding of chronic diseases, and also has a certain understanding of the significance and advantages of small molecule peptides in chronic diseases.

Next, the sharing of the theme of “Peptide Bioengineering Technology Research and Application” by Professor Yang Yanjun from the School of Food Science of Jiangnan University pushed the annual meeting to a climax.

Professor Yang shared with everyone on the spot that it was a coincidence that he became attached to Taiaipeptide, and the two sides established a deeper level of cooperation. Co-founded a joint research and development center for peptide substances. In order to improve efficiency, simplify the process and reform the production process; from concentration, drying, addition and other processes, to change and improve the quality and taste of peptide products. On the other hand, it focuses on R&D technology and invention patents. It is hoped that through the R&D cooperation with Taiai Peptide, it will provide scientific research assistance for the development of Taiai Peptide.

Tai Ai Peptide Group and Jiangnan University held the unveiling and signing ceremony of the “Peptide Substance Joint Research and Development Center” on the spot. Zhang Zhenni, the vice chairman of Tai Ai Peptide, on behalf of Tai Ai Peptide Group and Yang Yanjun, a professor of the School of Food Science of Jiangnan University, conducted a joint R & D center of peptide substances on the spot. The signing and unveiling ceremony.

The Peptide Substance Joint R&D Center jointly established with Jiangnan University will continuously improve the transformation of Taiai Peptide scientific research results through the cooperation and complementation of R&D technology.

Professor Zhang Li shared and exchanged “Peptide and Human Health” face-to-face with everyone, and also shared his relationship with Tai Ai Peptide and Wu Lao at the scene. “I became attached to Peptide in 2000. Mr. Wu is the leader in the development of China’s peptide industry. His sense of mission, benevolence, and dedication to scientific research are all worthy of our respect, study, and tribute. Tai Ai Peptide uses his own scientific research technology. They have made outstanding contributions to the peptide industry in China and even in the world. Such a responsible and mission-driven company deserves our respect. Let us join hands and move forward in the peptide industry to help healthy China 2030.”

At the scene, Professor Zhang also explained that the new R&D product of Taiai Peptide – the R&D and production of Cistanche Peptide will also be launched for the first time, so stay tuned.

Through the professional sharing of several experts, the online audience has a certain understanding of peptides and human health, the combination of peptides and traditional Chinese medicine, peptides and chronic disease management, and peptides in the scientific research and application of bioengineering technology. There is also a deeper understanding of peptides; this professional sharing points out the direction for the rapid industrial application of peptide scientific and technological achievements from different perspectives, especially for the future industrialization of the peptide industry. Development has an important guiding role.

In order to be more solid in the peptide industry, in 2022, Tai Ai Peptide Group and Dongfang Law Firm will conduct in-depth cooperation on the “Safety and Compliance Operation Project”. The signing ceremony of strategic cooperation was held on site.

The development and growth of the group is inseparable from the continuous enterprising and courageous fighting spirit of every Taiai Peptide people. The leaders of each operation team of Taiai Peptide: Qiao Wei, the operating president of Taiai Peptide Group, Fu Qiang of the International Business Department, Wang Chenghao of the Traditional Business Department, Wang Dehui of the New Retail Business Department, and Han Xiaolan of the Customer Service Center made their first appearance and met everyone. This represents Taiai Peptide’s solemn commitment to all partners. Taiai Peptide provides comprehensive and quality services from research and development, production, sales, and service.

Time witnesses the pace of chasing dreams, and time engraves the footprints of struggle. In 2021, we will embrace change, be determined to innovate, and move forward with hard work. 2022 will be an important year for Taiai Peptide to make rapid progress in an all-round way. Taiai Peptide will keep pace with the times, continue to develop and innovate, and seize the development opportunities of the big health industry. Under the wise leadership of the chairman, Ms. Wu Xia, Taiai Peptide The family will continue to forge ahead in unity, embrace challenges and enjoy struggle; we will continue to focus on research and development as always, and wholeheartedly provide every collaborator with high-quality products and technical services. We look forward to working hand in hand with more partners, making progress together, laying the foundation for a bigger and stronger peptide industry, and building a healthy Chinese dream!

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