Syan Technologies’ Vega Bitcoin mining machine on schedule for January delivery

Batch one of the new Vega Home Bitcoin Miner is on track for customer dispatch to begin in mid-January, according to the latest announcements from Syan Technologies Limited – the Hong Kong based FinTech subsidiary of the multi-national investment and finance conglomerate the Zahrani Group and manufacturer of the Vega series of cryptocurrency mining machines.

The first in the Vega series of home mining machines is expected to make quite an impression on the crypto-currency mining market. With an advertised retail price of just US$1,595.00 and comparable mining speed to the current market leader, the Antminer S9, the new machine is uniquely positioned to take a serious chunk out of Bitmain’s revenues. The Vega’s R.O.I. is also given a serious boost by the machine’s unprecedented economy figures, apparently brought about by the 14nm architecture of its proprietary ASIC STA1220 – all in all a full 20% more efficient than the Antminer S9, which, in coin-mining terms, is a huge margin.

Syan Technologies have been taking pre-orders via their website for a number of weeks now, and were all but sold out of their first batch of twelve hundred machines when a further five hundred were released for public sale only last week. The five hundred additional machines had previously been earmarked for the Syan Mining Project – a new cloud-mining project being set up in conjunction with the  government of Laos PDR on the banks of the Mekong River and entirely powered by the practically limitless supply of cheap electricity generated by the Laotian Hydroelectric projects – but the scheme incurred an unexpected delay and will now be supplied with machines from the second manufacturing batch, due for delivery around the end of March 2018. 

Syan are confident that the extended batch of machines will sell out rapidly, even taking into account their strict adherence to their rather unusual “maximum of five machines per customer” policy, apparently intended to promote the decentralisation of currency mining by slowing the proliferation of vast private mining facilities in the United States and the Far East in particular. Their own cloud mining facility in Laos, when it eventually comes on line in April, will have its hashing power leased out to small investors only, and even then with a strict limit to the number of contracts per customer, for the same reasons.

Syan Technologies are a Hong Kong based designer and producer of digital currency mining machines and FinTech, currently focusing on the release of their Vega Home Currency Mining series. They comprise a dedicated and highly motivated team of designers, technicians and mathematicians of diverse backgrounds – from as far afield as California, London, Sweden, Russia and Vietnam – with just one thing in common; they aim to design and produce the most cost-efficient and durable ASIC mining machines in the world.

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