Entertainment giant, Hot Noize, announces the addition of talented R&B artist, ISAAC POET, to the family

Hot Noize Mag has announced the signing of a new talented R&B act, ISAAC POET, who is billed to take on the music and entertainment industry as a whole in coming years. As one of HOT NOIZE’S premiere artist, ISAAC POET will be officially launched as an artist under the entertainment giant in the early spring of 2018. The signing of ISAAC POET signals the dedication and commitment of HOT NOIZE to promoting talented acts and developing the entertainment industry.

The music industry and entertainment as a whole have witnessed several talented acts. However, majority of the talents have not actually made it to the mainstream of the industry. Consequently, the industry has not developed to its optimum and consumers have also not had the best of what it can offer. This is where entertainment companies like HOT NOIZE have stood out by promoting talents and giving them the exposure they need, while ensuring consumers get the best of music and entertainment as a whole.

Born to a family of writers, as his mom and dad write, Isaac Poet developed the love to write at a very tender age. Consequently, he wrote lots of poetry and was nicknamed “the little poet.” As the first black financial aid to a president, Isaac’s mom had several important people and a lot of celebrities visiting their home. Consequently, Isaac had a very cool childhood and was able to meet these individuals.

As the only child his mother gave birth, as his brothers and sisters are adopted, Isaac grew up in a friendly environment. Isaac began writing poetry at a tender age, as well singing. He started rapping in middle school to the beat made by his friends as they hit the table.

Growing up as a young adult and aspiring musician, Isaac was influenced by a number of artists. Michael Jackson and Tupac have been major influences on Isaac and his style of music. While he was also influenced by several other artists, these two play a significant role in Isaac’s music career. He also listened to other artists, especially those that kids of his age would not know, as his parents were a little older compared to the parents of his peers.

Isaac Poet has opened up for several headliners, with a very notable one being the famous, multiple award winner T.I. He hopes to make his mark in the industry and has stated that his greatest goals are the things he is yet to accomplish as an artist and an individual as a whole. Isaac expects to deliver great music to his fans across the globe, with 2018 being the beginning of a successful career.

Isaac Poet is unlike any other artist and the name says it all. Therefore, it is not surprising that Hot Noize is taking the step to promote his music to the world and ensure that everyone has a feel of good music.

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