Surgery Warriors Launches Beautifully Designed SCRUBS for Patients, Nurses, Doctors, Dentists, and Other Medical Professionals

Medical SCRUBS are never fashionable but Surgery Warriors is changing the narrative with its innovative SCRUB fashion, offering beautifully designed pieces

The healthcare industry is probably the most unfashionable industry today. They have got SCRUBS that are just made to serve identification purposes, offer pocket spaces, and protect the wearer’s skin. There is no fashion inclination to these SCRUBS and medical professionals and patients have to wear them all day or throughout their shift. Motivated by the desire to stir up a revolution in the healthcare industry, Surgery Warriors has launched its collection of fashionable medical SCRUBS. The SCRUBS are designed to be worn by doctors, nurses, dentists, and other medical professionals including patients.

“In the boring field of SCRUBS, we are bringing smiles to people and patients,” explained a spokesperson for Surgery Warriors. “It is proven that happy people heal faster and we want our SCRUBS to infuse that happiness to help them heal. Medical sitar is not that intimidating and plain, easy to identify, beginning with a smile. With our SCRUBS, both professionals and patients will get the happiness they need for effective service and quick recovery.”

These SCRUBS by Surgery Warriors are available to nurses, doctors, radiologists, and other medical personnel, as well as to patients and medical gift stores. Aside from SCRUBS, Surgery Warriors fashion collection for the healthcare industry also contains hoodies and rash guards for E.R and EMT. Surgery Warriors produce these fashion pieces in different colors, sizes, and styles, ensuring they serve the typical purposes of medical wears with a fashion tone.

Surgery Warriors also organizes a medical documentary series where its team of surgeons travel all over the world to developing countries to volunteer to teach and perform surgeries. According to the company, profits from its medical fashion initiative will be used to support its medical missions. Surgery Warriors’ board-certified plastic surgeons perform reconstructive surgeries on individuals with deformities created by birth defects, medical conditions, or trauma. The team comprises highly qualified doctors and nurses, some from the University of California, including a specialist who builds prosthetic extremities for the differently-abled children and adults in underdeveloped countries. Prosthetics, including arms and legs, are among the medical equipment and supplies that were donated to the individuals in need.

“By educating the medical professionals such as nurses, doctors, and healthcare givers in these countries regarding the procedures, we can provide effective treatment to their patients to help prevent and treat illnesses,” the company’s spokesperson concluded.

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