Sunber 5TH Anniversary & Brand Upgrade 2022: Deals To Look Out For

Sunber 5TH Anniversary & Brand Upgrade 2022: Deals To Look Out For
Sunber 5-year anniversary gifts for girls.
Sunber is celebrating its 5TH Anniversary Sale & Brand Upgrade now, get your favorite wig at an affordable price.

Sunber will celebrate its 5TH Anniversary Sale & Brand Upgrade. Besides, a wonderful Christmas wig sale for everyone is approaching. These five years along the way, Sunber Hair has been working diligently and leading the trend of wigs, so it has received the support and encouragement of many consumers. People chose Sunber, but Sunber satisfied everyone’s expectations. Next is the detailed sale of the fifth-anniversary activities, especially remembering the upcoming fifth anniversary of the store; there are many benefits.

Sunber 5TH Anniversary Sale & Brand Upgrade

14th Dec. 2022-15th Dec. 2022& 17th Dec. 2022-19th Dec. 2022

All Up To 34% OFF, CODE: SU20

16th Dec. 2022

People can get up to 60% OFF, CODE: SU25

Everyone has a chance to get a free wig over $299.

Activity Details:

1.  Buy one get one free

2. Add Sunber To Your Home Screen to get more discounts

How To Add Sunber To Your Home Screen

1. Open the Sunber website with your Google Browser (

2. Press the menu button

3. Choose “add to the home screen.”

4. Add Sunber to your home screen

5. Find it on your home screen

About Sunber Hair

Sunber Human Hair Company is the leading supplier of human hair wigs worldwide. They began their involvement in human hair many years ago. Characterized by its nature, durability, and high quality, Sunber has received praise and honor from its customers.

All of Sunber’s wigs are made of 100% human hair. They have a diverse range of wig products to meet the wig needs of different people groups, such as V-part wigs, lace front wigs, highlight wigs, colored wigs, lace closure wigs, straight wigs, and curly wigs.

Especially the Kinky Edge Lace Wig (, which was recently upgraded for free, has been well-received and loved by customers. The reasons for this wig are as follows: First, it provides the most realistic hairline look. Second, Kinky Edge Lace Wig is easy to install, saving customers more time. More importantly, it is glueless and protects the scalp. Compared with other wig types, Kinky Edge Lace Wig is a must for wig beginners. Finally, it restyles to customers’ styles, which is versatile and suits most customers. In conclusion, this free-upgraded product reflects that Sunber always thinks about customers and provides them with the most realistic feeling.

As a global brand of human hair, Sunber has always stood ready for the needs of all customers. So, on the occasion of 5TH Anniversary Sale & Brand Upgrade, all customers can enjoy a favorable wig deal.


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