Nimble to announce live, public testnet in partnership with Pera Wallet, allowing easy insurance on-ramp for millions of Algorand users.

Nimble to announce live, public testnet in partnership with Pera Wallet, allowing easy insurance on-ramp for millions of Algorand users.

Algorand-based decentralized insurance marketplace Nimble is excited to announce that Nimble is live on Algorand testnet and is partnering exclusively with Pera Wallet, the easiest and safest way to store, buy and swap on the Algorand blockchain. This integration allows Pera users to acquire insurance coverage on DeFi projects, receive notifications in the case of a DeFi hack — and easily opt into a group claim.

“We’ve been following the development of Pera Wallet for some time and have been impressed by their commitment to providing the best possible user experience. We’re excited to offer our services to the millions of Pera Wallet users, and confident that this partnership will add further momentum to the decentralization of insurance products and services globally.”

  • Adam Hofmann, Founder|CEO of Nimble.

“We are very excited to offer Nimble’s insurance solutions to our community, while staying true to our philosophy of decentralization. Nimble’s on-chain insurance solves a real-world problem that will increase the adoption of Algorand as a game changing, mainstream blockchain solution.”

  • Taylan Pince, Founder|CEO of Pera Wallet.

Pera wallet users can participate in Nimble’s testnet launched on December 9th to test the experience of buying coverage or participating as a liquidity provider. In addition, yestnet users will be eligible to win airdrops, mainnet boosts, and participate in bug bounties. 


Nimble is a decentralized insurance protocol, innovating the insurance-blockchain space by building and deploying the rails for a blockchain insurance future. Nimble operates as a decentralized and democratized marketplace consisting of multiple financial backers grouped into insurance capacity tiers, which diversify and spread risks.

Nimble embraces the primitive insurance concept of sharing risk while leveraging powerful technology to decentralize all components of the insurance process. Underwriters, actuaries, claims assessors, appraisers, insureds, and capital providers work in a decentralized environment, are paid for their work, and are rewarded for their participation. Together, as part of the larger Nimble community, they are building a more robust and secure future.

Nimble derives capital strength and stability by combining individual layers of diversified capital for community-wide financial security and capital efficiency for liquidity providers (LPs) with over-collateralized liquidity risk pools that include USDC as a secure and stable asset. We create this Umbrella of Stability by combining the following:

  1. LP assets are held in a Risk Pool Smart Contract for the benefit of policyholders with contracts underwritten by the Nimble Insurance Professional Community. 
  2. Insured Premiums are held in the same Risk Pool Smart Contract and used for the benefit of the policyholders and to provide fee payment to the LPs, capital providers, and other members of the Nimble Community. 
  3. The Nimble Common Reserve, DeFi Collateral, and additional funds live both on-chain and off-chain to meet any underlying risk pool obligations at the approval of the Nimble community. 
  4. Additionally, a partnership with Asset Reality, the world’s first end-to-end solution for complex asset recovery, bolsters security and stability for the Nimble community. 


Pera reshapes the wallet experience for Algorand users with state-of-the-art functionalities, integrations with NFTs and ecosystem dApps. Pera’s goal is to improve both retail and institutional adoption of Algorand through working with the community and emphasis on delivering cutting-edge innovations.


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