Stunning Transformation- America\’s Lawn Painters Co is becoming very popular these extreme weather days

Phoenixville, Pennsylvania – America’s Lawn Painters by Green Canary announces the availability of its grass transformation service designed to help improve curb appeal and a green lush lawn.. Green Canary is usually applied and completed in under a few hours giving immediate results. It is 100% non-toxic and provides a significant cost reduction over traditional lawn care, eliminating the need for dangerous chemicals

The Green Canary solution is available in seasonal and permanent treatments and will not be washed off by rain or degrade the colorant of your lawn or mulch. 

Green grass remains not only aesthetically appealing but economically important. As the housing market rebounds, a pretty lawn is an attractive component in a home’s appearance and ability to sell. It adds a cool natural feel to the home and can also increase a home’s value.

“We are glad to have helped a lot of homes within Phoenixville and other metro areas in Pennsylvania. We help you improve your home’s curb appeal using natural materials. This helps you save cost over conventional lawn care methods which often add toxic materials to your home.”  Says Evangelos Kakos

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He says further, “Americas Lawn Painters by Green Canary, our approach is 100% green, just as our name implies. Our grass transformation solution is a cost effective way of maintaining the aesthetic appearance of grass and lawns on residential and commercial properties. We will help you transform dry, diseased, or dominant grass into an eye-pleasing turf. You can be rest assured of a treatment that is safe for your children, pets and other plants and living grasses.”

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About Green Canary

America’s Lawn Painters offers several surface preparation and coating systems for turf, lawns and mulch. Green Canary was founded by Silicon Valley pioneers in green technology who have over two decades of expertise in the field, including the development of proprietary materials with US and World Organization patents and trademarks. The company uses a deliberate approach to product formulation which embraces “benign-by-design” philosophy, yielding sustainable products that are good for the environment and consumers alike.

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