Redstone Uprising Releases New Version, \”Mine Maniacs\”

Released exclusively in North America, Redstone Uprising is an intense role playing mobile game that offers endless entertainment!

August 17th, 2016, New York City, NY, United States – PopPace, a leading game developer and publisher, has recently launched its highly anticipated title, Redstone Uprising, on Android. Redstone Uprising successfully attracts legions of mobile gamers interested in real-time PvP and hero collaboration and teamwork. The latest version, Mine Maniacs, is now available for download on Google Play. In the new version, Wilderness Blitz gets a massive makeover, greatly increasing the amount of EXP and Gold rewards! Nothing comes for free, however. If you want to claim these rewards for yourself, you’re going to have to put in the effort!

PopPace looks forward to releasing additional Redstone Uprising updates, providing its players with fresh content and various new events and activities.

Updates in the new version, “Mine Maniacs”:

1. Wilderness Blitz has been overhauled and transformed into a battle for precious mines! Players can earn more Gold and EXP, all while showing their true skill in battle? Players over lv. 30 may occupy and plunder mines. If they manage to occupy a mine, they’ll be able to hold it for 8 hours and reap the rewards! However, they’ll need to stay on their toes, as other players can attempt to raid their mine! Hence, they must make sure to protect their resources.

2. If a player feels like he is running low on Gold, Blitz Cards, EXP Potions or even Hero Shards, all he has to do is head to neutral zones and beat back the Swarm’s attacks! Loads of treasure chests are waiting to be found on the neutral zone battlefields, and may contain powerful items and rare Hero Shards!

According to its developer, Zero, “With this update, mines are now a new battleground. Higher level mines produce more resources. In order to upgrade more heroes for your various squads, you’ll need to devote energy to occupying mines and reaping the rewards! In addition, mines may be upgraded! Every time a mine is occupied by a player, the mine will automatically level up once, increasing its resource production. Occupying high level mines will not only serve as a way to get rich, but also as a way to prove your strength!”

Redstone Uprising is currently available on Android!

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