Stoga: The Voice-Controlled Game Controller for an Uninterrupted Gaming Experience

Stoga: The Voice-Controlled Game Controller for an Uninterrupted Gaming Experience
Exclusive Patented Tech, Blending Cool Design and Intelligent Voice Interaction

Stoga, the innovative voice-controlled game controller, is set to transform the way you play games. With its exclusive patented voice control technology, Stoga provides a superior gaming experience like no other.

Featuring voice-controlled adjustment capabilities, this game controller allows you to effortlessly control various aspects, including light modes, vibration intensity, motion sensor activation, joystick sensitivity, trigger travel, and battery level inquiries. Simply put, Stoga empowers you to keep the gaming process uninterrupted with just a few voice commands.

But that’s not all. Stoga incorporates microswitches with sensitive touch technology, enabling you to operate with pinpoint precision and accuracy during gameplay. The Hall Effect triggers and Prayo joysticks provide enhanced control, granting you the flexibility to master your games and immerse yourself in endless enjoyment. The magnetic detachable panel design and the 180° rotatable directional pad + joystick (left module) further enhance your game control capabilities. Equipped with a 1000mAh battery, Stoga offers an impressive 10-12 hours of gameplay time. 

Stoga supports three connection modes—wired, Bluetooth, and 2.4G receiver—allowing for convenient connectivity across different devices. Furthermore, this versatile controller is compatible with a wide range of platforms, including Switch, PC, Android, and iOS, granting you the freedom to enjoy gaming on various devices.

About Stoga:

Stoga is a leading technology company dedicated to creating innovative gaming peripherals. With a focus on delivering superior quality and unmatched gaming experiences, Stoga continues to push the boundaries of gaming technology.

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