Start IT Bootcamp with $0 upfront and gain higher paychecks

Start IT Bootcamp with $0 upfront and gain higher paychecks
Image of a diverse group of students at TS4U’s IT bootcamp. People listen attentively to the instructor, visible on a screen while working on laptops. A sign reading “Pay Zero to Start IT Bootcamp” is prominently displayed. Michigan’s iconic skyline can be seen in the background.
TS4U is a leading IT bootcamp institute in Michigan that offers a unique “Pay Zero to Start IT Bootcamp” with no upfront cost. Amid Detroit’s booming tech ecosystem, TS4U’s state-accredited bootcamps enable individuals with minimal or no IT background to transition into high-paying tech careers. Offering income-driven payment plans and hands-on training in areas like AWS CloudOps and MERN Full-Stack Software Engineering, TS4U promotes accessibility and diversity in tech education.

Are you ready for a career transformation? Michigan’s leading institute for IT bootcamps, TS4U IT Engineering Bootcamp, is excited to announce its groundbreaking “Pay Zero to Start IT Bootcamp.” This revolutionary initiative will supercharge your entry into the booming Michigan tech industry with no upfront cost.

Michigan: The Global Pioneer in Startups

In 2022, according to Startup Genome’s Global Startup Ecosystem Report, Detroit, Michigan, emerged as the world’s top startup ecosystem. Now valued at an impressive $91 billion, Motor City is an optimal destination for anyone seeking to make their mark in the tech industry.*

Join the Tech Revolution with TS4U

TS4U offers an unprecedented opportunity to dive headfirst into this flourishing sector. Our IT bootcamps are designed to empower individuals with minimal or no IT background to transition into high-paying tech careers.

  • Zero upfront cost: TS4U’s income-driven payment plan allows you to start your IT bootcamp without worrying about the financial burden of tuition.
  • State-accredited bootcamps: Our bootcamps, accredited by the State of Michigan, uphold high standards of instruction and have a proven track record of success.
  • Learn by doing: TS4U’s hands-on methodology simplifies complex IT concepts, equipping students with practical skills.

Success During Challenging Times

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, TS4U has made great strides. Hundreds of individuals have escaped low-wage jobs and transitioned into the IT industry. Our key achievements include:

  • Empowering individuals to shift to high-paying careers.
  • Successfully establishing a strategic location in Michigan, close to major tech corporations.
  • Creating employment opportunities to support local communities.

TS4U’s IT Bootcamp Programs

TS4U offers a wide range of bootcamp programs covering the most in-demand areas of the IT industry:

  • Software Quality Automation Engineer
  • AWS CloudOps Engineer
  • Agile Product Owner
  • MERN Full-Stack Software Engineer
  • Vehicle Validation Engineer

Your Future with TS4U

TS4U is making tech education accessible to all. Our commitment to accessibility includes the following:

  • A high job success rate of 85% to 95%
  • A two-week free trial for prospective students
  • Grants from Michigan Works! and income-driven payment options
  • Extensive interview preparation resources

TS4U’s Special Offers

Webinar attendees can enjoy various discounts:

  • $99 off towards webinar participation when enrolling in a bootcamp.
  • Additional $99 off.
  • $150 off for Computer Science graduates or those with IT experience.
  • Discounts for full or partial fee payments during the enrollment period.

Promoting Diversity in Tech with TS4U

We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive tech industry. All are welcome at TS4U, including:

  • Non-technical individuals
  • Recent graduates
  • Immigrants and foreign graduates
  • Participants from previous webinars

Join us at TS4U and revolutionize your career in Michigan’s thriving tech industry. Register now at:

About TS4U IT Engineering Bootcamp

TS4U is a leading institute for IT engineering bootcamps in Michigan. Founded by Shiblu Ahmad, TS4U’s mission is to teach complex IT software development in an understandable way to nontechnical individuals. Our “learn by doing” methodology and dedication to accessibility have empowered hundreds of individuals to transition into high-paying careers in the tech industry.


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