Stoga Technology launches Revolutionary Wireless Controller that Changes the Game

Stoga Technology, the global leader in gaming peripherals and accessories, today is glad to present a new wireless gamepad controller- Panda Wireless Pro Controller. By combining science and innovative materials, Panda Wireless Pro Controller delivers superior performance for gamers of all levels seeking increased comfort and grip during gaming sessions.

Stoga Technology leads the market in offering gaming peripherals with quality, innovation, and purpose. Continuing its pioneering foray into next-generation modded controllers, the company created the Panda Pro Controller to provide an immersive gaming experience. With its powerful anti-interference technology, it is not affected by other wireless devices.

“Panda Wireless Pro Controller represents a new standard in wireless gaming controllers and we’re pleased to make this product available to the public,” said the representative of the company. “Our gaming pedigree, together with the ingenuity of our engineers and designers is on full display with the Panda Wireless Pro Controller. We’re thrilled to deliver a truly premium product at a great price for a better gaming experience.”

 Panda Wireless Pro Controller is built with ergonomic and lightweight construction, which makes it comfortable even for long hours of endless gameplay. The gamepad comes with a non-slip design, which means that it will never slip off even if your hand sweats during intense gameplay.

The awesome Panda Wireless Pro Controller puts premium materials and professional-level gaming features at your fingertips. This high-quality gamepad includes swappable black faceplates with embedded swappable sticks, anti-friction rings, and customizable paddles with a mappable Pro Pack. The ergonomic design sets it apart from its competitors, along with an attractive design and Ultra-sensitive button that is user-friendly to take the gaming experience to the top of the roof.

Key features of Panda Wireless Pro Controller are:

  • Remote Wake Up: You can easily and quickly wake up the switch by pressing the home button.
  • One-click connection: You can pair with the controller with just one click of the connect button.
  • TURBO mode: It can be released automatically by pressing the button continuously. adjustment. The turbo speed feature makes it easier to play arcade and action games
  • NFC function: This controller supports the Amiibo function which means you can now earn some points with any compatible video game. Now let’s train lv.50 Amiibo.
  • Motion sensor: Built-in 6-axis gyro for precise speed, position, precise control, and quick start/stop motion.
  • Double vibration: Improve the gaming experience with an excellent vibration effect.

Apart from the fact that The Panda Wireless Pro Controller feels good when resting in your hands and looks good when sitting on your coffee table, where it really sets itself apart from the competition is in how it plays. When you test the Panda Wireless Pro Controller through a diverse list of Switch mainstays, you will never have a bad experience with it.

No matter the game it’s used to play, whether it is used in controlling those sports cars and power bikes in games those racing games like the Needs for Speed or platforming through some of the more challenging sequences of the top adventure games, or controlling players and performing skills in those sports games like soccer, basketball, and others, you will always feel in full control of the characters involved in those games.

For any gamer who loves controllers with precision, Panda Wireless Pro Controller is your best bet. The controller is a decent size, so your hands won’t be accidentally hitting other buttons while trying to play any game. This is very important if you’re the type that plays for a long period.

For a better gaming experience, do not hesitate to purchase  Panda Wireless Pro Controller today. Panda Wireless Pro Controller is currently available for purchase here.

About Stoga Technology

Stoga Technology leads the market in offering game controllers and accessories with quality, innovation, and purpose. The company aims at improved performance through the provision of gaming technologies that help gamers train longer, play more difficult games, and rise to any challenges whenever the occasion demands. Stoga Technology is committed to offering premium must-have products for gamers everywhere at a reasonable cost.

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