Steel Game Lab introduces the new board game ‘Tactical forces’ inspired from traditional Abstract Strategy games

For more than a century, Chess has been considered the ultimate strategy game across the world and now to bring a new revolution in the same, Steel Game labs have developed a new strategy game named, ‘Tactical forces’ on Kickstarter.

“Tactical forces” is a board game played on a 144 square checkered board. It involves forces such as the Navy, Army and Air force and tactical bases which together form a team along with one ‘Headquarter’ and play against another similar group arranged on the other side of the board.

Unlike the traditional chess, these ‘Tactical forces’ do not have a fixed position and can be placed anywhere on the board. Also each player has to move two pieces per turn, making this game faster and exciting. With new and infinite ways to win the game, this game promises to be engaging, challenging and entertaining at the same time.

The idea to create Tactical forces came into the mind of an industrial designer who wanted to incorporate the abstract strategic thinking into a game that offers entertainment and challenges the mental powers at the same time. This idea led to the creation of a game that combines the honors the roots of abstract strategic games while suiting more to the present day preferences in terms of concept, design, aesthetics and game mechanics.

Tactical Forces begins with Chaturanga, the original version of Chess which was invented in India and combines elements from Backgammon, Battleship, and some Poker attitude. It requires two players, one checkerboard of size 12×12 and four pieces representing the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Tactical Bases.

Each player will have a total of 24 pieces to play with along with one headquarter hidden in the tactical bases. The players can take 2 moves per turn and they’ll have three ways to win the game. The game is estimated to last for 45 minutes on an average and provides infinite possibilities to win. The game has been tested and re-designed several times to make simpler and easily understandable by all age groups.

Tactical forces provides an option of personalized setup of all the pieces which allows for more space to prepare the strategy.  The game follows an active approach and requires fast response to play. The players won’t have to memorize much about the moves and other things like in Chess, to play this game. Ultimately, the motive of the developers is not to replace Chess but provide people another option among the strategy based games.

The success of the Kickstarter campaign will allow the makers to get the game into mass production and deliver the Tactical forces game along with other rewards to the backers on time.

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