Floors of Florida strikes the balance between maintenance and durability in flooring with FloridaEpoxy.com


The commercial buildings and offices have moved on from concrete floors and concrete polish contractors a long time ago. Concrete floors are old fashioned and bear bacteria and dirt in their pores which cannot be easily cleaned. The alternative, linoleum floors, though decorative, are no good in terms of durability.

Florida Epoxy brings epoxy flooring, as decorative and easy to maintain as linoleum floors but very durable. They come with superior concrete surface protection which makes them safe to walk and run on.

There is no longer a need to cover the unattractive concrete floors with carpet, only to discover that it is full of mould and mildew. Epoxy floors are safe and healthy in all weather. They come in several textures, lending an elegant touch to the office. Epoxy floors are ideal for storage facilities, parking garage, airport hangar, auto dealerships, hospitals, industrial floors, commercial kitchens, warehouse floors, sports arenas and stadiums.

Florida Epoxy provides seamless epoxy flooring at best prices, especially for architects, contractors, building owners and managers. Primers, coatings, toppings and sealers are combined to create any desired effect. Florida Epoxy, known for its ‘better than concrete polish finishes’, is also willing to extend its services to residential sectors now.

Three varieties of chips are available, they being solid colour, décor chip and colour quartz. Techniques for providing increased thickness, no-slip footing are also available. They are all set to provide one with “a high performance floor” which is chemically resistant, stain resistant, durable, long-lasting and easy to maintain, making one’s office space elegant as well as safe.

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