Startup Provides Audio Technology Free Of Charge for Portals posting News About Coronavirus

Startup Provides Audio Technology Free Of Charge for Portals posting News About Coronavirus


Innovative digital solutions provider, Audima, provides free assistive technology solutions to information platforms about COVID-19

Audima is run by a brother and sister team, Paula and Luiz Pedroza to promote digital inclusion across the internet. As part of the company’s goal of helping millions of people get quality information and make access to information more democratic during the pandemic, Audima is now offering its assistive technology free of charge on all content regarding coronavirus and the fallout from the virus.

Audima is a tech startup that developed software that converts online texts into audio. The site installs it themselves, allowing their users to listen to all written content as many times as they want on desktops, tablets or mobile devices, directly from the webpage.

The company is providing their solution free to COVID-19 related content, allowing people who have difficulty with vision or reading (including elderly people – the group most at risk), to listen to information on news portals simply by clicking on the player just below the article headline.

We are a startup that focuses on social impact. The idea is that access to information becomes as democratic as possible. We can’t see any other alternative at the moment other than to share,” explains Paula Pedroza, founder of Audima.

The internet is currently the world’s biggest channel for the mass distribution of information and most of this content is written. According to the UN, WHO and UNESCO, there are more than 962 million elderly people in the world (the group most affected by coronavirus), with some other 2.2 billion people suffering from some form of vision impairment and approximately 750 million illiterates. Unfortunately, nothing is being done to address the needs of these categories of people. This is where Audima is looking to make a difference, especially in this critical period.

We are not doing anything more than our duty as citizens in dealing with this pandemic”, adds Luiz Pedroza, co-founder of the company.

Audima provides audio in over 20 languages without the robotic tone of existing readers. Audima’s human-like reader can observe the rhythm of the text, allowing the information to be understood more easily.

Models of startups focused on social impact are still rare and Audima is a company that allies business with digital inclusion. The audio player is strategically positioned on webpages and is easy to find, even for screen-reading software used by people with vision impairment.

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