ColorfulDreams Youth Mentorship Center Looking For Local Volunteers To Positively Transform New Orleans

Adult Volunteers are highly in demand by the non-profit organization to offer mentorship programs at large for communities and individuals based across New Orleans.

Recognizing the importance of building mentally healthy and stable citizens, ColorfulDreams Youth Center is now bringing adult volunteers onboard for their organization of repute. The New Orleans based company has partnered with several local school districts, child and family service centers, and juvenile court systems. The goal of the non-profit organization is to transform New Orleans positively. The hiring process, which is slated to begin soon, stresses on the local youth volunteers who can devote considerable time and effort to helping those in need.


The services and programs at ColorfulDreams are aplenty and in sync with the requirements of the teens and adolescents of Louisiana who require the proper support.

“It’s a fact that young adults are the best in terms of identifying the mental health issues that their fellow counterparts face daily. Hence, the programs here are designed that would help reduce risks among those seeking help, and also provide the vital resources and opportunities to harness in their path of reaching full potential. All the volunteers who have been serving in this company are thoroughly trained for strategically chalking out and evaluating the resources present in the community to offer greater support and safety,” said Kendra Garrett, a senior executive member of the youth center.

The non-profit would be hiring only dedicated youngsters who possess the required qualifications and zeal to serve communities. As the members of the youth center pointed out, they are specifically looking for adult volunteers who can bring about a positive transformation in New Orleans with their quality of services. This is largely in keeping with the varied programs that the company offers, including life skills training, wellness services, career coaching, specialty training, and more.

The CEO of Colorful Dreams said, “There must be the resilience to improve the lives of youth who are a risk to developing mental issues. We are looking for candidates who can fit the bill right. The fact several private donations support us, humanitarian agencies, and volunteers have helped in our popularity in this area. And now, after the recruitment, we believe, our reach will expand with time.”

About the Company

Colorful Dreams Youth Center is a New Orleans-based help and support center for those at risk.

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