Something People Have to Know about Colloidal Silver

Silver has a very long history as a fungicide. It is a popular antibacterial substance among the folks and a good helper for the prevention and treatment of diseases in ancient palaces. Almost all members of the royal family use silver utensils. The ancient emperors usually used silver needles to test whether the food was poisonous before eating. If poisonous substances were present, the silver needles would turn black.

Colloidal silver is composed of silver nanoparticles and pure water. Many doctors have been admiring the role of silver as a metal in medicine for centuries, and they firmly believe that colloidal silver has bactericidal effects. The director of cosmetology and clinical research at a hospital in New York once mentioned: “Colloidal silver is tiny silver particles suspended in liquid, which can react to the external environment and has antibacterial properties.” For this reason, antibacterial band-aids will contain colloidal silver.

Since colloidal silver only contains silver and pure water, it is called a powerful natural antibiotic without artificial substances. The antibiotics currently used in the medical profession can only kill a few kinds of bacteria, but not viruses; while colloidal silver can kill up to 650 kinds of bacteria, viruses and molds.

The most common use of colloidal silver is as an antibacterial liquid. Due to COVID-19, more people pay more attention to daily sterilization. The colloidal silver dispersion diluted to a certain concentration is very suitable for daily sterilization, and it is also more effective and safer than using alcohol. For example, large-scale street surface sterilization, spraying hands when going out everyday, etc. In addition, it is also used in the manufacturing of some antibacterial products, such as antibacterial gloves, antibacterial washing machines, antibacterial elevators and so on.

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