Some Useful Tips For Cleaning The Shower Head

Many people don’t pay attention to the cleaning of shower heads. Generally speaking, it takes a long time for the shower to have problems. Then, when the shower does not produce water, it is not necessarily broken. Maybe it is clogged by the accumulated scale. So, in a certain time of use.

How to pressurize the shower head

1. Maybe many people are very interested in the supercharger principle of the shower head. There are some tips about the principle of supercharged shower head. Increasing the pressure of the shower actually requires a configuration. The air is squeezed into the shower nozzle, and the pressure of the air is added to increase the water flow under the same amount of water.

2. In fact, the supercharging principle of the shower head is similar. It just depends on the brand of shower head, so there is a difference in technology. For example, the smart shower of Jiumu automatically changes the water inlet area according to the water pressure. When the water pressure is low, the water inlet area is large. In this way, the water output reaches a balance, which achieves the purpose of pressurization.

Shower head cleaning

1. When it comes to cleaning the shower head, what is the method? In the first method, people can use white vinegar for soaking. According to the ratio of one to one, pour white vinegar and water, and then soak the shower head in the mixed water for about 2 hours. This method is quite effective. White vinegar has a good stain removal effect.

2. Another way to clean the shower head is a bit more complicated. The shower head must be taken apart for cleaning. The method of removing the shower head should be decided according to the material of the shower head. The plastic shower head can be unscrewed directly by hand, of course, a person with great strength is required. After unscrewing, carefully clean its filter and water outlet. Install it after cleaning up. If it is a metal shower head, it should not be screwed by hand when it is disassembled, and a related tool must be used to disassemble it. After disassembling, carefully clean every water outlet. But many stains are invisible to our naked eyes, so after cleaning the water outlet, it is necessary to soak in white vinegar.

Disassembly of shower head

There are many different types of shower heads, and the designs of manufacturers are different, resulting in different ways to disassemble the shower head. For most showers, the shower head adopts a movable design, which can be unscrewed directly by turning the rotary button of the shower. Some showers are relatively complicated in design and require some tool assistance to remove the shower head. Some shower designs can’t remove the shower head at all.

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