Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory Continues to Impress in Toronto

Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory has been wowing clients since 1927. It started as the go-to place where locals could enjoy authentic European meat products ranging from roast beef, sausages and wieners to fresh cuts of beef and pork.

In 1996, Soloway’s started to focus on the food service industry after its great success and a strong reputation cemented over decades. That new path would lead them to where they are today.

Despite the transition, Soloway’s kept their original recipes and traditional cooking methods, the same combination of flavors that kept clients coming back for more. The results? An ever-growing number of locals and foreigners who constantly choose Soloway’s.

Known for always being able to consistently deliver quality products, Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory serves distributors, retailers and consumers across Ontario with the same dedication as when it first started.

Now, even after eight decades serving customers across Ontario, Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory remains energized and motivated to continue to wow customers with an ever growing selection of delicious choices.

Where Great Recipes Meet Great Products

Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory is where all the magic happens. It’s the place where great recipes meet great products and the know-how that only an experienced company like Soloway’s could offer its clients.

Clients can find great deals on delicious hot dogs, sausages, steaks, burgers and so much more, knowing that nutrition and food safety are taken very seriously. All ingredients are carefully described. Food regulations are followed meticulously. Independent testing is often conducted to ensure consistent quality.

From wiener and sausages that include the Mild Debrecziner, Hot Italian, Oktoberfest, Turkey & Pepper, Bacon & Cheddar, to Beef and Veggie Burgers, gluten-free products and fresh chicken and steaks, local and foreign clients can experience a different combination of stunning flavors, every time.

And let’s not forget the special condiments that range from honey mustard and German mustard to hot pepper relish, japanelos, green olives, bacon bits and cheddar cheese. With them, the experience gets even better.

About Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory

Soloway’s Hot Dog Factory was originally established back in 1927. Envisioned as a place to enjoy authentic European meat products such as roast beef, sausages, wieners, beef and pork, the company decided to adapt to the times and community and, in 1996, shifted to the food service industry.

On a mission to offer quality and convenience while keeping food safety as its first priority, Soloway’s follows rigorous food safety standards and has cultivated a solid reputation and a growing number of clients over the years.

The dedication to consistent quality products has enabled Soloway’s to grow within multiple levels of the food service industry, including independent food-stands, catering operations, cash & carry stores and wholesalers across Ontario.

Despite the exponential growth, Soloway’s held on to the original recipes and traditional cooking methods, the perfect combination that clients love.

Media Contact
Company Name: Soloway Hot Dog Factory Inc.
Contact Person: Oleg Perelstein
Phone: (416) 661-9383
Address:917 Alness Street
City: Toronto
State: Ontario M3J 2J1
Country: Canada