Social Media Pro Nigel Jenkins Launches Consultancy for Brand Promotion

Collaboration with transparency and consistent output of results are the hallmarks of the new social media promotion service, Nigel Jenkins Consulting. Based in South Carolina, the marketing firm is the initiative of popular brand builder and promoter, Nigel Jenkins. This year, Nigel is upbeat about the growth of the industry and is looking forward to delivering robust results for his clients.

We spend hours pouring into all the details, understanding the brand, and chalking out a suitable set of strategies and techniques that will deliver the maximum results. Today’s brand promotion is competitive, and so we have to be ready with a flexible approach,” says Nigel.

A specialized social media marketing approach has made Nigel bring results to his clients like no other marketer. Among his unique strategies is one where he focuses on non-core and adjacent market audiences to increase revenue share and website traffic. Recently, he has catapulted many of his clients on TikTok. 

An African-American entrepreneur, Nigel’s record of social media promotions includes working with over 300 business clients, both big and small, and covering a whole gamut of industries. His focus remains unshaken on giving every client priority, and this commitment has brought in success. Nigel is also popular for his talks and lectures on social media strategies. 

Organic growth is often missed out by many marketers, but not with Nigel. His team can define an audience, find relevant niches, locate adjacent markets, and then engage with them to create organic growth in website traffic and sales.

Nigel can be approached for training and lessons, for sharing tips and techniques, and speaking assignments on all things social media and growing one’s brand and channels. Born in Spartanburg, South Carolina, Nigel is an all-round personality. He is into music promotions and has been an eSports leader. His Twitch account alone has 8,000 subs. Nigel has been a sports star, playing football for his school, becoming a shotput state champion, and then competing twice in the USATF JR Olympics. His upcoming charity is The Jenkins Heart Project.

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