Famous TikTok Promote Nigel Jenkins Available for Training and Talks on Social Media Brand Building

With a large section of the world going online to continue doing normal work, businesses can’t avoid digital marketing if they want to see growth. Social media is a hot and happening place for its ease of messaging and interaction and thus forms a core focus area. For those who want to build their brand and utilize flexible strategies, the name to search for and connect with is Nigel Jenkins.

Nigel has forayed into social media marketing with his latest formal venture, Nigel Jenkins Consulting. This is the place where clients get to learn about the latest tools and techniques to promote brands and make use of non-core and adjacent market segments too for gaining greater revenue share. 

Nigel Jenkins Consulting is a specialized social media promotion service. The team offers not only mainstream but also an outside perspective to give clients a view of the larger picture and open up hitherto unutilized opportunities through audience exploration in adjacent and nearby markets too.

Over the last year, we have seen a regular stream of online businesses who want to strengthen and promote their brands. Our team is ready with a host of strategies and tactics that impart more visibility and traction on social media,” says Nigel.

A simple introductory meeting with Nigel will open up a whole new world of promotions, brand building, and leveraging all the mainstream social channels, including TikTok or YouTube, where Nigel has found success for his clients. His Consulting business has flourished and found popularity in the Upperstate area of South Carolina. 

Nigel’s skills are not limited to any one industry or sector, and he has worked with over 300 businesses, both big and small, local and countrywide. He has thus mastered the art of social marketing, using organic growth, and exploring adjacent markets and non-core audiences. 

Nigel’s parting advice is to maintain a positive mindset, create purposeful partnerships, and strive for significant outcomes, the rules he follows while working with his clients. “Whatever your dream is for your company or brand I will do everything I can to help you achieve,” says Nigel.

Nigel is available to speak on social media marketing and brand building and related subjects.

Follow Nigel Jenkins on Instagram: https://instagram.com/nigeljenkinsconsulting and https://instagram.com/xonigel 

For more information, please visit: https://nigeljenkinsconsulting.com

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