Social Enterprises Inc.: The Complete Business Formation Hub, Designed For Young Entrepreneurs In US is LIVE

June 6, 2017 – Social Enterprises Inc. is a company that has taken its roots from a project directed at the youth all around the world, the company started with the idea of being a volunteer and discover new cultures and countries. Today, the company offers its diversified but still related services from Delaware and with its associates in different countries.

In 2012, was created by Samet Oynamış and Mustafa Emre Selek, the President of Social Enterprises Inc. Being a student himself then, what he had in mind was to create opportunities for the youth to discover the world in which they live in. Despite many organizations and programs providing volunteerism opportunities all around the world, the project was determinant to lift the barriers laid before by the limitations of such initiatives. Unlike others, offers volunteering opportunities in any part of the world without regional restrictions. The time length, the location, and the conditions are all dependent on the participant’s choice. In this context, it is a unique initiative. As of today, hundreds of people from different countries have realized their dreams with

So, how does the system works?

The volunteering opportunities offered by is mutual consent based and are created according to personal choices. That is, the organization designs a tailor-made volunteering opportunity for every young participant with its affiliations in more than a hundred country in all corners of the world. So, depending on the financial capabilities and the points on the wish list of the participant, finds the midpoint to realize the dreams.

What else does the company do?

The company was incorporated in the light of a vision to help people out in realizing their dreams and fostering entrepreneurship. After establishing a firm and completely legal ground for, the company has begun to carry out complementary transactions in line with its vision.

Social Enterprises Inc. has a team of lawyers and consultants who help people put their valuable business ideas into effect in the United States. Basically, the company professionally helps entrepreneurs from outside the US in getting their visas and incorporating their businesses in the United States. The US, in fact, offers great chances for young entrepreneurs who seek to create a better world with their creative ideas. However, not many know what to do before the official requirements. Therefore, providing services in this regard is a part of Social Enterprises Inc.’s business branches. The company offers these services over by an experienced team and connections. 

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