Mayur Ramgir: International Award Winning Author Announces the Breakthrough Launch of His Second Title on Leadership

A Brief Account of Self Taught Methodology and Improvised Techniques to Help Develop Intrinsic Leadership Skills in the Contemporary World.

Boston, MA – Celebrated international award winning author: Mayur Ramgir, recently announced the launch of his second debut title: ‘Evolve Like a Butterfly – A Metamorphic Approach to Leadership’. Available at, the book is an in-depth walkthrough of how to hone different leadership skills and emerge as a successful individual in charge of his personal and professional endeavors alike.

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Unlike conventional motivational books, Evolve Like a Butterfly is quite the opposite of leadership tutorials compilation. In other words, the book discusses various leadership skills as a reciprocative account of a butterfly’s birth process – starting from an egg, a larva, and going all the way to a fully grown symbol of captivating vibrancy.

According to avid readers, Mayur’s book does not stop dead end with the fully grown metaphoric adult butterfly. Rather it continues and overlays a strong emphasis on nurturing leadership skills in youngsters at the hands of readers who learned, and successfully applied the highlighted skills in their own respective lives. In this regard, the book encourages to share and inspire its readers to give back to the society as the final chapters become the opening frontier to a new entrepreneurial journey in someone else’s life.

The first chapter is an eye opener into realization towards overcoming ego and finding solutions that surround an aspiring leader all along. Through his writings, Mayur propagates the ‘leaders are made by choice’ philosophy, which says that leadership is a causal relationship with one’s actions in real life world – It is about making a change within yourself, and then transcending into the next level which teaches readers on how to impact the society and the world at large.

Evolve Like a Butterfly: A Metamorphic Approach to Leadership details various business models, and leaders who overcame adversity through the account of their personal struggles. Each person’s leadership style is different because of the circumstances and market signals surrounding him, or, her. In this realm, readers are encouraged to take the book’s methodology and apply it as they see fit into their respective lives.

The author believes that leaders and leadership examples are everywhere in one’s life; it is not about whiteboard oligarchs or corporate offices barricaded behind large doors. The best leaders, however, are the unsung people such as a struggling mother who overcomes setbacks and becomes a beacon of light for her children, or the father who stands steadfast in the face of failure and continues to work towards progress.

Readers find Mayur Ramgir’s approach to leadership unorthodox and visually appealing as opposed to the flurry of standard books previously written by fellow authors on same topics. Ramgir wishes to thank friends and associates who made it possible for him to launch his second phenomenal title.

‘Evolve Like a Butterfly: A Metamorphic Approach to Leadership’ can be purchased at: immediately.

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CEO of Zonopact (, former published author of Unbarred Innovation: A Pathway to Greatest Discoveries, entrepreneur and public speaker, Mayur Ramgir, has contributed to different research products and leadership skills in the past. Through Zonopact Innovation Lab and CLINTRA, the celebrated columnist and author aims to hone leadership skills in young entrepreneurs from all walks of life who wish to give back to the society in hopes of making the world a better place.

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