Sober Living House for Men in Toronto

A private drug and alcohol treatment facility for men, New Beginnings offers a client centered treatment process.   Beginning with one-on-one counseling sessions, a 12-step plan, group therapy, and finishing up with preventing relapse and life skills classes. 

New Beginnings has the mission to transition clients back into a life without addiction.  With treatment that allows them to know the causes of addiction, and how to resume a full and productive life.

The staff has years of experience aiding clients with facing their addiction and is known as the best in Canada.   The reason for the success of New Beginnings is because of the setting.  Clients are permitted with an ambiance that is relaxing and tranquil, allowing them to live in a place that is consistent with personalized treatment is the recipe for success in sobriety.

New Beginnings ( has a highly regarded 12-step program.  The staff urges clients to actively participate in group therapy sessions; residents are also assigned daily chores and responsibilities such as meal preparation and clean-up.

It can be a very frightening moment for a person just out of rehab to rejoin society.  For this reason, there is an option to help this person with a transition from rehab to real life.  While at the rehab facility the client is not expected to do anything except focus on their recovery.  The rehab program highlights their daily activities with strict rules and schedules to follow.

When a person leaves the rehab and re-enters real life, there are no more rules and schedules.  Alcohol and drugs are easily attainable as well as the ability to contact the people who were the triggers for addictive behavior.

The benefits of a sober living house are that the residents are all recovering from addiction.  There are house rules established that the residents must follow.  Residents are also allowed personal activities such as going to work or school and having their own daily schedules.

Some of general rules of a sober living house include:

  • No drugs, alcohol, or gambling is permitted at the house
  • Curfews are enforced; as well as residents submitting to random drug testing
  • Residents are required to pay rent as well as providing for their own food and other supplies
  • Residents must do their chores and keep the common areas of the house tidy

Group home settings are for individuals recovering from addiction without a family support system.  The group home provides these individuals with the opportunity to assimilate back into society as they learn how to make decisions about living a life of sobriety.  The advantage of a sober living house is they assist the individual with learning how to live life independently without the addictive substance.

About New Beginnings Sober Living facility:

The New Beginnings ( facility is situated in a quiet, residential neighborhood in North Toronto, Etobicoke.  A natural setting ideal for providing a soothing atmosphere that allows the client to take part in outdoor activities.   There are private and semi-private rooms available, comfortable lounge areas complete with pool and air hockey tables.  There are basketball courts and workout rooms, and the rooms are also equipped with television and wifi.

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