A Cocaine Influx is Bound to Hit Canada and More Support than Ever is Needed

Even fake cocaine can send someone to the emergency room. That’s what actor Jonah Hill from the infamous ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ movie learnt after ending up being hospitalized with bronchitis for three weeks following months of snorting the prop. But a mix of corn starch and baby powder is nowhere near as dangerous as the real thing.

Cocaine is the most powerful stimulant found in nature affecting thecentral nervous system, creating a sense of alertness, energy, euphoriaand confidence enhancement. It even gives the body power and strength which is why in the past it wasn’t uncommon for business owners to pressure African-American employees into using for better performance. Nowadays however it’s become more of the drug of choice for the wealthy, with just one gram costing about $80 in Canada. As depicted in the movie and not only, it’s a highly addictive substance and nothing someone should play around with.

While the latest available Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction looking into cocaine is reporting that usage is low, under 1% among the population, an increasing number of young people are beginning to be more and more curious about it. The annual incidence of cocaine use among the general population in Canada of at least 15 years old remainssomewhat highcompared to the global average approximation of 0.38%.

What’s even more troublesome is that anoverflow of cocaine is expected to hit Canadian cities over the next two years due to a production influx following the demobilization of Colombia’s FARC guerrillas, according to Canada’s Global News. The production of cocaine in Colombia has grown at an all-time high in the past couple of years with over 188,000 hectares registered back in 2016 and about 830 kilograms of cocaine seized at the border in 2017 alone. This is happening at the worst possible moment when Canada as are many other countries is facing an overwhelming opioid crisis.

This poses a bigger threat: the costly drug will now become more available and affordable. It can potentially transform from being the choice of a niche population to becoming widely accessible to anyone who’s interested. Cocaine addiction occurs differently than it does with heroin or alcohol, when the effect runs off the person is left feeling depressed and anxious, a part of withdrawal symptoms known as a crash. It leads to instant craving and it feels like it’s the only way a person can feel better ever again. As with many other drugs, addiction is not immediately obvious and by using again the brain’s reward symptoms convinces people it’s the right thing to do. This makes it almost impossible to quit it without appropriate help.

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