Smart Trading Robots (STR) launches “Ultra A.I. Pro” for Automatic Stocks Trading

Smart Trading Robots (STR) a Software Development firm that specializes in developing Artificial Intelligence Trading Robots, also known as A.I. Expert Advisors or EA’s, is proud to introduce its artificial intelligence trading robot called “Ultra A.I. Pro”

Ultra A.I. Pro has the ability to estimate and manage market and portfolio risks, finding the exact timing to add or remove risk to the portfolio.

Simplified for the layman, a trading robot is a type of computer program that’s designed to trade stocks automatically. Forex robots follow a specific set of trade signals and settings in determining the best prices at which you can buy or sell a currency pair. They use complex mathematical algorithms to monitor the markets and follow price action.

Trading robots can help both beginners and experienced traders improve their return on investment. They eliminate emotional and psychological biases when trading and bring automation to forex trading. Traders use these Smart Trading Robots like STR’s Ultra A.I. Pro to buy and sell stocks and other tradeable instruments in the popular Exchanges on the MT5 trading platform.

STR’s Ultra A.I. Pro is an excellent trading bot for assets with good long-term holding value and market growth fundamentals The asset class associated with these instruments are usually stocks, Indices like NAS100, S&P 500, UK200, Crypto Baskets, etc.

Ultra A.I. Pro operates daily, taking full advantage of the market movements and trends in different time frames. It uses a determined time-weighted entry strategy, which builds positions around the current market price range of the assets while trading multiple assets simultaneously. The robot will enter multiple small positions with a calculated risk impact on the portfolio with a range of prices over time. When you take advantage of the asset growth, all these open positions will increase their value while Ultra A.I. Pro continues to build the position in the strategic price range.

Speaking about their services, an executive of STR said: ”Traders can use bot’s settings to determine the maximum level of risk tolerance. Position gaps allow you to manage both the range between positions above the market price and below the market price so that it can take advantage of market movements when they’re favorable to the portfolio performance and lower risk when the markets go against you. Additional risk management with high Fib levels allows it to take advantage of the market movements while at the same time managing risk.”

About the company

Smart Trading Robots (STR) is a team of gifted traders, extremely experienced with Forex, Stocks, Indexes, and Crypto.

The company offers one-on-one consultations for its clients with a professional Quant Developer Engineer regarding their EA, Trading Robots, Expert Advisors, Indicators, Automated Scanners, Trading Platforms, Trading APIs, ThinkorSwim, MetaTrader, NinjaTrader, or Alveo. STR has its own signal service where customers can copy the trades of experienced traders fully automatically. The company also offers full paid support and development for strategy providers.

Smart Trading Robots has chosen Eng. Robert Eisenlohr with to develop this A.I. He is Extremely experienced with Forex, Stocks, Indices, Options, and Crypto, with two engineering degrees, MBA in finance, and codes in several languages including Thinkscript, MQL4, MQL5, C#, and Alveo. He is a specialist in Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, probability, statistics, optimization, and mathematical models.

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