Smart parking system based on 5G network

Project background

With the mature application of cloud computing, license plate recognition, AI and other technologies, parking management systems have gradually developed in the direction of intelligence, and more and more high-end CBD, parks, and residential communities will provide smart parking management as a value-added service to owners, and operate and manage through Internet services. The smart parking system adopts cloud service deployment and provides self-service payment services for official accounts and mini programs, which has the advantages of simple deployment, unattended and easy maintenance. Whether it is an upgrade of an old parking lot or a new parking lot, only 5G routers, license plate recognition cameras, barriers, geomagnetic induction, etc. need to be installed at the entrances and exits, and complex integrated wiring can be quickly connected to the cloud smart parking management system and unattended smart parking services can be opened.


This solution adopts the intelligent IoT industrial-grade 5G router (or 5G edge gateway) to realize wireless communication between the parking lot entrance and exit equipment and the cloud platform, greatly simplifying the implementation and operation and maintenance workload of the parking lot system, and the system deployment is no longer limited by the distance and layout between the parking lot entrance and the weak motor room.

A view from a height to the parking lot. The process of parking. Searching for space in a busy car park. Parking maneuvers. Park lot lane markings

Scenario configuration


Product detials:

ZLWL ZR9000 Dual SIMCard 5G Industrial Cellular Router

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The advantage of ZR9000 series industrial 5G Cellular routers is Dual SIM Single Module , which can backup the network between the two SIM to ensure continuous connection. High speed, low latency, with 1 x Gigabit WAN and 4 x Gigabit LANs.


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