Learning More About Advantages of Parking Air Conditioner

Parking air conditioner refers to the continuous operation of the air conditioner with the on-board battery DC power supply (12V/24V/36V) when parking and waiting and resting.

Due to the limitation of on-board battery power and the poor user experience of heating in winter, parking air conditioners are mainly single-cooling air conditioners. Generally, it includes a refrigerant medium conveying system, cold source equipment, terminal devices, etc., as well as other auxiliary systems. Mainly include: condenser, evaporator, electronic control system, compressor, fan and piping system. The terminal device utilizes the delivered cooling energy to specifically deal with the air state in the cabin, so as to provide a comfortable rest environment for the truck driver.

Safe and reliableThe external machine is directly connected to the battery, which is safe and convenient; it adopts multiple protections of software and hardware to ensure safety; the whole machine has undergone rigorous vibration experiments, aging experiments, life experiments, etc., and is reliable and durable.

Low-noise operation

Multiple damping structure design, system noise reduction control technology, smooth and comfortable operation.

Energy saving and low consumption

Original intelligent energy-saving control module; high-efficiency DC inverter compressor; strong cooling capacity, low average power consumption, and long battery life.

Lightweight design

The lightest weight among products with the same level of refrigeration capacity.

Easy to installWell-designed chassis and bracket; DC input line high-current waterproof plug design, easy to install.

Save money and worry

Powered by the car battery, truly zero fuel consumption; intelligent multiple low-voltage protection, worry-free vehicle startup; the product is underwritten by PICC, peace of mind and guarantee.

Exquisite and beautiful

Designed jointly by Japanese and German designers; it integrates practicality, fashion and dynamics; the beautiful patented external draw filter and the high-end car air outlet design, from the inside to the outside, exudes the beauty of ingenuity everywhere.

Environmental protection

Enduring zero emissions. protect environment.


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