Slave Free Trade: A Movement to End Slavery is Seeking Support on Indiegogo!

The Revolutionary Movement Aims at Lifting 45 Million People Worldwide out of Slavery!

Brian Iselin, the Founder and President of Slave Free Trade is seeking support from the global community on Indiegogo to end slavery. Being an Ex-Soldier, Federal Agent and an Organized Crime Operations Specialist, he is on a lifelong mission to end slavery. According to Brian, SlaveFreeTrade is on a mission to free the 45 million people in slavery today. These people are mainly slaves in business supply chains ranging from fish to basketballs manufacturing to necklaces, t-shirts and mobile phones manufacturing industries worldwide.

“For around 17 years I have been working on counter-slavery operations around the world.” Said Brian Iselin while talking about his mission. “In this time, I have been to dozens of countries and seen the faces of the trafficked and enslaved making the things we buy; the teenagers on fishing boats, the children and even toddlers in mines and plantations, the women and girls in factories stitching our clothes.” He added. According to Brian, more than 90% of slavery is in the private sector; owned by big business and they are only existing because people buy their products.

Therefore, Brian has launched this crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to help his organization, SlaveFreeTrade up and running. All funds raised through this campaign will help Brian and his team get operational on a global scale.  In a recent video on the Indiegogo page of the campaign, Brian even stripped down of his clothing to show symbolic solidarity with the victims of slavery whiles explaining his project.

The Indiegogo Campaign is located on the web at: and it offers several pledges ranging from $25 to $1000 with rewards from recognition and gratitude to T-Shirts, Hoodies and a Video Chat with Brian himself. SlaveFreeTrade is welcoming everyone to back generously and help more than 45 million people worldwide.

About SlaveFreeTrade

SlaveFreeTrade is an inspiring project aimed at the elimination and eradication of the menace of slavery in the modern day world. The founder of this project is Brian Iselin, an Ex-Soldier, Federal Agent and Organized Crime Operations Specialists. He is now seeking support from the global community to end slavery by running a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and he is welcoming everyone to back this project.

Media Contact
Company Name: Slave Free Trade
Contact Person: Brian Iselin
Phone: +41798733035
Address:115 rue de Lausanne
City: Geneva
Country: Switzerland