Not your average Tree and Hedge Service – Aesthetic Tree & Hedge Services rescues dozens of beloved pets from dizzying heights

An intriguing new service of pet rescue is being rolled out across British Columbia.

Canada has quite simply declared itself as a nation of pet lovers. With an estimated 11 million pet dogs and cats throughout the country, domestic animals can provide companionship, loyalty and even easy access to a healthier lifestyle. Current research shows that cats are the most popular pet choice, with over 38% of Canadian households owning at least one feline. Dogs are almost as popular, appealing to 35% of Canada’s homes. However, as many pet owners will tell you, looking after a furry friend is not always as easy as you might expect.

Almost everyone will be familiar with posters that can be found in parts of local neighbourhoods, seeking help from passers by to relocate a lost pet.

Scarily, over 40% of pet owners state that at some stage of their lives, a pet of theirs has been lost, stolen or even just disappeared into the night. Thankfully, in most cases the prized canine or feline is reunited with their loving family, but there is one British Columbia based company that has decided to go the extra mile to help out such devastated pet owners.

Originally set up as a Canadian tree service company, Aesthetic Tree has been an increasingly popular service helping gardeners and local authorities adjust the floral landscapes across the country. As part of their initial offer Aesthetic Tree provided services to trim hedges, remove trees and grind down old stumps. Interestingly enough though, their latest service is slightly different.

A spokesperson from Aesthetic Tree Service gave us this insight into the intriguing new offer. “It surprised us at first just how many cats would get themselves stuck up a tree. We were flattered to be the first people that the owners thought to call to help rescue the pet. However, after several successful pet rescues we made the decision in the office to branch out (if you’ll forgive the pun) and offer pet recovery as part of our standard offer.”

Pet owners across British Columbia will be reassured to hear that this new pet rescuing service is being rolled out across the region. So far several dozen pets have been rescued from surprising heights by Aesthetic Tree and it looks like they are proving themselves extremely popular.

Mrs Fisher recently decided to enlist the help of Aesthetic Tree’s latest venture after her cat went missing. “Snowie is a rescue cat and has only been with us a few months… she got spooked and darted up the tree. We tried everything to get her down and the kids were getting upset. That’s when I decided to call the Aesthetic guys in.” It appears that the tree service were able to attend to the Fisher’s residence almost immediately and using their specialised equipment, located and secured the cat within minutes.

Impressively this company offer a 24 hour, 7 days a week service for any similar emergency. Find out more about this novel new idea, and hear from the staff at Aesthetic by visiting

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