Skimo TV launches Skimo Smart Meeting Recorder, Skimo Newton and Skimo Live Products providing relief to COVID-19 Remote workers and students

Sunnyvale, CA – September 4, 2020 – SKIMO TV INC., a silicon valley based video startup today announced the launch of three innovative products: Skimo Smart Meeting Recorder, Skimo Newton and Skimo Live Products.

Skimo Smart Meeting Recorder enables Remote workers and students to not only record their remote sessions, but also helps bookmark and annotate any part of the video, while the online session is on. For the privacy conscious schools and enterprises, all faces could be blurred from the video as part of a premium offering.

Skimo Newton enables users to skim the video, as though it is a book, ‘flipping’ pages, searching for text from slides and conversations, easily in any mobile device or a computer.

Skimo Live enables enterprises to conduct live on-demand ‘annotatable’ events such as Town Halls and Webinars using Amazon’s innovative Interactive Video Service (IVS) platform and the open source Open Broadcasting Studio (OBS).

All of these products are based on the Skimo Video Summarization and Indexing Engine, which was first launched in 2014, for watching seasons of TV Shows in a short time.

“We found a surge of demand for remote conferencing during this COVID-19 time and acted quickly to ship these innovative products” says Vasu Srinivasan, Founder and CEO of Skimo TV Inc., who added “We named one of the products Skimo Newton as an homage to Sir Isaac Newton, who developed theories on calculus, optics, the laws of motion and gravity all during the quarantine period of the Great Bubonic Plague which started in 1665.”

Users can sign up to join a waitlist, during this labor day weekend, to get a three months free trial that allows users to generate unlimited “Skimos” using the Skimo Smart Meeting Recorder.

More information can be found in their Website:

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