Sensational Band, ‘The Fortune’ Feature Artists ‘Qafilah’ and ‘Earthgrime’ in Latest Song Titled ‘Covid Unnis’

The song which will be released on the 1st of September, 2020 was made by five people, whose lives, like the rest of the world, was made difficult because of the corona virus pandemic

Sep 3, 2020 – ‘The Fortune’ has proudly announced the release of the band’s latest song featuring ‘Qafilah’ and ‘Earthgrime’ titled ‘Covid Unnis’. The song was made by 5 people, whose lives, like the rest of the world, was made difficult because of the pandemic situation. This song speaks to the public, will hopefully connect with them more, especially considering the plight of the world.

The song was written by Qafilah, Robin Xavier, and Earthgrime in three different languages (Hindi, Tamil, and Malayalam), performed by Qafilah, Dr Dhananj Shivganesh, and Earthgrime, composed by Dr. Dhananj Shivganesh and Nikhil Pradip, and mixed and mastered by Nikhil Pradip.

‘Covid Unnis’ started as a brainchild of Dr. Dhananj who is an anesthesiology resident working in AIIMS, India currently working on the front lines in Covid ICU. The song is about the COVID 19 pandemic, the sufferings it has brought, and how it is affecting the lives of under-privileged people. The band decided to use kerawani ragam to add an element of tension and energy to the song and mixed with trap elements and orchestral horns to have a fusion approach.

The Hindi lyrics of the song was conceived by Qafilah who is reciding in Kashmir, frustrated by the current situation there. He raps about how the covid situation and the mentality of the public is affecting the underprivileged. Tamil lyrics by Robin and rapped by Dhananj generally advises the public, and laments on why social isolation, and other proper protocols are not being strictly followed by the public. Earthgrime raps about the virus, how a similar pandemic happened around a century ago, how it is affecting the world like the wrath of the devil.

About ‘The Fortune’

‘The Fortune’ is a sensational music duo from Kerala. Dhananj is a singer and composer, while Nikhil Pradip is a composer, rapper, and sound engineer. The band started as a pet project in their school days, when they used to write and record tracks for fun then, before slowly upgrading to a much more professional setup.

‘The Fortune’ makes music that is unique, fusing different genres, fusing Indian and western styles, while also collaborating with artists from different countries.His song was played on the BBC Asian Network and AshantiOmkar show.

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