Skillers Inventions (P) Ltd launches the first of its kind Ultra Clean Technology based Toaster with attachment

Amazon invention launchpad&Skillers Inventions (P) Ltd is launching the unique Ultra Clean Technology based Toaster and its attachment, for the First time to the WORLD

Skillers Inventions is an Indian-based invention company with global repute, as many of its inventions have been recognized by the global media in countries like America, Switzerland, Japan and India-Times of India. The company recently announced that it will be launching another amazing invention, the Ultra Clean Technology based Toaster – the first of its kind in the world. The technology based toaster will be launched with its attachment, allowing users to simply toast and have one less thing to worry about as they enjoy their meal.

One of the major mistakes most people make is ignoring the hygiene of kitchen appliances. This mistake ranges from the relatively big ones like not bathing regularly to the insignificant ones such as the improper cleaning of the toaster. While cleaning the toaster can be somewhat tasking, even as doctors recommend that it is cleaned at least once in a month, the toaster remains one of the most ignored kitchen appliance. An article on CNET suggests that pop-up toasters should be cleaned using diluted acetic acid. However, there is the risk of electrocution using this method.

Washing the toaster from inside is even more difficult and with the WHO stating that food poisoning as a result of poorHygiene leads to 325,000 hospitalizations and 5,000 deaths, it has become imperative to take the hygiene of toasters more seriously. This has led to the creation of the Ultra Clean Technology based Toaster with attachment by Skillers Inventions (P) Ltd.

The Perfect Hygienic Washable Toaster Attachment is the perfect cleaning solution. The attachment is designed to work with 2 or 4 sliced pop up toaster of any brand. The easy-to-use attachment keeps the insides of the toasters hygienic between uses, protecting users from food-borne illnesses. Other benefits of the attachment are briefly highlighted below

• Easy to wash with soap and water

• It prevents the contact  of the toast with dirty fixed part of the toaster

• Simple to remove and fix

• Made of rust free food grade stainless steel (304)Highly durable for use again and again

• Attachment fits inside of the toaster

• Inserts easily into all standard toasters

• Covers the heating element and interior of the appliance

The PerfectHygienic Washable Toaster is the other toaster cleaning solution from the stables of Skillers Inventions. The toaster is the perfect alternative to traditional toasters, allowing users to wash and reinsert the major part of the toaster, ensuring the toaster is cleaned without the risk of electrocution. Other features and benefits of the toaster are highlighted below.

• Sanitary alternative to traditional toasters

• Features washable removable insert

• Lift out insert and clean between uses to keep germs at bay

• Only the washable portion of the toaster comes in contact with food

• Incredibly safe way to guard against food-borne illness

• Quality design will last for years to come

• Gets toast perfectly golden and functions like top-of-the-line traditional toasters

The inventions are designed as per the recommendations of the USA Food and Drug Authority, with two years 2 of limited warranty.

Invented by International Media Acclaimed Indian American Inventor Engineer (American Patent Awardee, from IIT & NIT), the Ultra Clean Technology based Toaster with attachment is the perfect kitchen appliance for lovers of toasts.

Other inventions from the company include the Smarty Charger and Ultra Safe Mattresses.

About Skillers Inventions (P) Ltd

Skillers Inventions (P) Ltd, an invention company in India. The company inventions are widely recognized by the global media (America, Switzerland, Japan and India-Times of India, leading English Daily) as revolutionary products step towards meaningful society. The company is founded by Gyan Kesarwani, an internationally-recognized inventor.

At Skillers Inventions, keeping customer satisfaction at their top priority, the team is trying hard to come up with cutting-edge product range for great customer experience. Skillers Inventions (P) Ltd prides itself on designing and manufacturing all their products and aiming to make each customer feel special and safe with their product range, global availability of products, and world-class customer support.

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