Shipping from Canada to the United States Can Be Easier and More Efficient Than Realized

Long-haul, cross-border shipping between countries can be fraught with problems if the right choice of freight carrier is not chosen.  Even if only between Canada and the USA, there can be myriad delays and interruptions that occur during the process of the shipping of any type of goods.  Truck breakdowns do occur as well as weather-related delays and even accidents.

Choosing a freight company with a sterling reputation and a great deal of proper equipment and knowledge is imperative.  The loss of any type of goods causes financial losses for the company shipping the goods.  A carrier such as RoadLINX of Woodbridge, ON, with literally years of experience in cross-border shipping should always be chosen to ensure timely and careful transport and delivery of goods. 

RoadLINX provides an array of trucking options to each customer and has a backup plan in place for each delivery in case of unexpected circumstances.  This company is also an expert in all the paperwork and documentation as well as certifications that are necessary to do cross-border shipping.

All types of vans and carriers should be ready to take on loads or to be used for storage.

The planning stage of cross-border shipping from Canada to the US should include all types of back up equipment in case it is needed.  RoadLINX provides every type of freight vehicle possible from dry vans, to temperature-controlled units (also called reefers), to intermodal storage trucks and containers, as well as flatbeds of all types, and chassis types.

Nothing is left to chance by RoadLINX and all goods are delivered in as good a shape as when they were picked up by the carriers.  Fully insured and regularly inspected for stability the freight carriers provided by RoadLINX are not only affordable but will make any customer feel safe and secure when shipping cross-border goods.  Safety and security in this type of venture are what is sought by most customers.

Affordability is also a concern of course, but RoadLINX offers great pricing.

For the type of services offered and the quality of the equipment, the pricing is generally affordable for most clients that need this type of service.  Loss of goods is more expensive overall, as is the delivery of late goods.  All goods need to remain safe and sound and be delivered on time each time, or a client can lose their customers if costly delays or damages occur.  Research is required on each delivery as no two deliveries are exactly alike.  There are many variables in every delivery.  RoadLINX handles all the variables from the choice of equipment to the paperwork.  Cross-border shipping will always be a little nerve-wracking. However, a good company like RoadLINX will ensure it is less so.

About RoadLINX

RoadLINX is a reputable freight carrier in Woodbridge, Ontario that specializes in cross-border shipping from Canada to the US and vice versa.  Their reputation is sterling, and they offer a chat line, free consultations, free resources, a contact form and phone, and free estimates via email or in person.  There is information throughout the website on all facets of shipping and they do accept all major Credit Cards.  This business has been in business for many years now and has a highly trained staff. 

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