Major Appliance Breakdowns can be Stressful and Purchasing New Appliances Very Costly

All homeowners and even apartment dwellers and apartment owners dread the breakdown of any appliances.  Appliances are costly in Canada, and they tend to break down at the most inconvenient times.  It can happen during the night (when water can flood a residence from a broken refrigerator), or worse yet, while on vacation.  Individuals need service immediately or they must run out and purchase a new appliance quickly.  The average cost of a new appliance in Canada can be staggering!  Prime Appliance Repair has fixed this problem for residents of the entire GTA, with technicians and service sites throughout the GTA.

The pricing and knowledge of this company is exemplary, and timeliness in response unheard of elsewhere.  Promotions also exist with CAD 35.00 off for all new customers, and service fees starting at a mere CAD 79.00 for new and existing customers.

All types of appliances are repaired, and the technicians are certified and licensed.

With years and years of experience behind this company, most major brand appliances can be serviced within one day.  The technicians are certified in all types of appliance repair from refrigerators to dishwashers, to stoves, microwaves, washers and dryers and even simple cook tops.

Many times, only a small problem exists, with refrigerators leading the list of break down problems alongside dryers.

While most individuals can live without a dryer for a day or two, refrigerator problems mean spoiled food and loss of revenue as the food must be disposed of.  That is everyone’s nightmare.  Having someone on hand to call immediately to fix an appliance problem leads to less loss of time and money and a lot less stress.  Buying a new appliance too quickly can make a consumer unhappy with their purchase rather suddenly.  Time to choose wisely on purchases is another reason to consult an appliance repair service such as Prime Appliance Repair.

Rest easy about all appliances in your household and save money with appliance repair services.

Look for initial free consultations, such as Prime Appliance Repair offers, and look for certified technicians with years of experience.  Even a small microwave problem can lead to wasted time and no Canadian has any time to spare at all now.  Knowing whom to call in a dilemma either large or small is invaluable.  Do research and keep an appliance repair service phone number handy for the times when the inevitable happens and an appliance breaks down.  Save time, money, and grief by knowing what to do beforehand.  Do not wait for disaster to strike an appliance but if it does do not panic.  If in doubt about using an appliance repair company, have a small appliance fixed that might have minor problems and try out a company beforehand.  A good company will welcome this type of business with open arms and seek to establish a long-term relationship with any client.

Like everything else in life, panic will only lead to lost money.  Planning is always best for any breakdowns of appliances.  

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