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A century ago, dedicated American engineers installed iron pipe to create the country’s water systems. This strong, safe, and reliable product has stood the test of time. Modern Ductile Iron Pipe is made to last over 100 years, and is an environmentally preferable product due to its recycled content, energy savings while in service, its durability, its own recyclability and because of the commitment of the Ductile Iron Pipe industry.

The Benefits of Ductile Iron Pipe2

Benefits include:

It requires very little maintenance once it’s installed and is designed to last at least 100 years.

According to a recent report by the American Water Works Association, the projected service life for modern Ductile Iron Pipe is at least 105 years. There is more iron pipe in service in the U.S. than any other pipe material, and Ductile Iron Pipe has the longest service life of any material on the market today.

1. Having as much as 98% recycled content, Ductile Iron Pipe is itself a 100% recyclable material.
2. Lower costs from increased flow capacity lead to significant energy savings during the pipe’s lifetime in service. Ductile Iron saves money.
It is strong enough to withstand the most severe conditions, from high-pressure applications, to heavy earth and traffic loads, to unstable soil conditions.
3. It is resistant to corrosion in most soils, and typically requires only effective, economical polyethylene encasement, a loose sheathing standardized by the American Water Works Association, in aggressive environments.
With its strength, durability, and conservative design, Ductile Iron is the pipe of choice to protect against surges and increased pressure loadings over the years.
4. Installation is easy and safe for workers who can cut tap Ductile Iron Pipe on site.
5. Ductile Iron Pipe is rugged and resists damage during hand andling and installation.
6. The metallic nature of Ductile Iron Pipe means the pipe can be easily located underground with conventional pipe locators.

The Dangers of Using PVC

The Benefits of Ductile Iron Pipe

Serious, deeply troubling and proven health concerns are associated with polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The concerns are so great that cities, towns and companies around the world are banning or restricting its use.

1. PVC Production creates dangerous chemicals like dioxins and other toxins that have been shown to cause cancer and birth defects. In fact, “cancer clusters” have been discovered near factories that produce PVC.
While the PVC pipe industry touts its product as a superior alternative to Ductile Iron Pipe, the facts suggest otherwise:
2. PVC pipe is weak. It cannot withstand stress, especially common differential stresses that result in localized weak points.
The longevity of PVC pipe is dependent on stress and time—the greater the stress, the sooner it will fail.
3. PVC pipe is sensitive to ambient temperatures (in low temperatures, PVC becomes increasingly brittle and can break more easily, while in warmer environments PVC becomes weaker).
4. PVC pipe loses impact strength if exposed to ultraviolet rays – PVC can lose up to 34% of its impact strength after about one year of exposure to UV radiation.
5. PVC has higher pumping and energy costs. It is more expensive to pump through PVC pipe than Ductile Iron Pipe because Ductile Iron Pipe has a larger inside diameter.
6. PVC pipe is more difficult to install. It requires a much more substantial backfill, and it must be installed with tracing wire to ensure it can be located in the future.
7. PVC pipe is susceptible to damage from real-world shipping and handling conditions. A scratch deeper than the thickness of a dime can compromise an entire length of PVC pipe.
8. Tapping PVC pipe is difficult and time-consuming and can be dangerous – resulting in cracked pipes, injured workers, and severe water loss.
9. Locating a leak in PVC pipe is extremely difficult. Most locating techniques involve transmitting sound waves down the pipeline, sound waves that do not travel well in plastic pipe.
10. PVC pipe is susceptible to recurring interruptions in its supply chain, which has resulted in several “force majeure” notifications of loss of production capacity to its customers.

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