Shifting Vibrations Reviews – A Detailed Report On AstralHQ Manifestation Audio Program

Shifting Vibrations is a recently launched program that has been receiving rave reviews on the internet in the past few days. The creator of Shifting Vibrations says it is a program created to help people unlock the main factor that would assist in attracting all the wealth and abundance that people need in life. The program is claimed to be the one unlocking a person’s true potential in achieving all the things that the person desires. This Shifting Vibrations review will discuss some of the major aspects of the program and will determine if the program is really worth the hype or not. 

Shifting Vibrations Reviews – Can These AstralHQ Audio Tracks Help To Attract Abundance Of Wealth & Happiness In One’s Life?

Shifting Vibrations piqued the curiosity of many people shortly after it was introduced. The prime factor that made people interested in the program was the claim made by the manufacturer which says that Shifting Vibrations is based on a 5000-year-old Egyptian frequency theory that the elite group of our society uses to stay wealthy and happy all the time. This theory that the Shifting Vibrations program is based on has made people pose many questions regarding the program such as what it actually is, how it works, what are its benefits, what they get with it, and so on. 

This Shifting Vibrations review will answer all the questions revolving around the program and will also give a detailed picture of it that would help the reader come to an informed decision. So to know whether Shifting Vibrations is worth the money or not, read this review till the end. 

Program Name

AstralHQ Shifting Vibrations


Attracting wealth, happiness, and unlocking manifestation power




Digital program


Listen to audio tracks, available for lifetime access

Core Concept

Uses Egyptian Frequency theory to activate the third eye (pineal gland) for manifestation

Program Contents

Six audio tracks with specific frequencies, PDF instructions, and an HD video lesson


– Activates the third eye- Facilitates lucid dreaming- Enhances manifestation ability – Connects with the universe – Improves sleep quality




Five additional audio tracks with various benefits

Money-Back Guarantee

30-day refund policy


On Official Website Only

Official Website

Click Here

What Is AstralHQ Shifting Vibrations?

Shifting Vibrations is a program that is said to be aiding a person in attracting an abundance of wealth, happiness, and peace to their life. The creator of Shifting Vibrations says that the program aims to unlock the third eye aka the pineal gland which is a tiny organ in the brain responsible for manifestation power. 

In most people, this pineal gland stays dormant which is the reason why many can’t attain the things desired in life even after doing everything. AstralHQ Shifting Vibrations manifestation program make use of vibrations to restore the functioning of the third eye and help manifest everything that one wants in life easily and quickly. The creator says that by using Shifting Vibrations, one will be wealthy, financially independent, happy, and successful in life. 

Creator Of Shifting Vibrations

Shifting Vibrations audio program was created by Stef, a person who has always been curious about revealing secrets that many people don’t know. Stef found about Egyptian vibration theory that has helped ancient people stay wealthy after researching things that would help in manifesting wealth into life. 

Stef, like many people, had hit rock bottom, when everything that Stef had tried to stay financially stable sank into the deep sea. Stef started to learn about the reason why some people are able to stay financially successful and some people are not because of the desperate situation. This is when Stef found out about the Egyptian frequency secret and this led to the creation of the Shifting Vibrations manifestation program. 

Science Behind The Working Of The Shifting Vibrations Program

AstralHQ Shifting Vibrations audios are created based on an ‘Egyptian Frequency’ theory that has helped the ancient Egyptians and the elite group of today stay wealthy. As many might already know, frequency plays a huge role in the way one connects with the universe. This theory says that 432Hz is the planet’s harmonic frequency that aids in activating the third eye of a person and unlocks their maximum potential power. 

But what happened is that after civilization, a ‘money blocking’ system control was introduced where the frequency was changed from 432 Hz to 440 hz which affected all the sound waves around us. This means the mind is constantly in a money-blocking system of control and this is the reason why most people can’t manifest the desired things.  

Now coming to the Shifting Vibrations program, the program consists of a collection of audio with frequencies of the Golden Ration that unlocks the pineal gland (third eye). Once your pineal gland is activated, a person will be free from the money-blocking system and will be able to manifest things 10x easier and quicker than ever before. 

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What Do You Get With Shifting Vibrations Digital Program?

The Shifting Vibrations manifestation program consists of audio and other resources that would aid you in unlocking your pineal gland. Here is a list of the things that the customer would get with AstralHQ Shifting Vibrations audios:

  • Track 1: Egyptian Golden Ratio For Abundance 432 Hz – This is the first audio track that comes with the program. This track will help train the subconscious mind to adopt more positive and empowering beliefs that would aid in manifesting abundance easily. 
  • Track 2: The Abundance Pyramid 432 Hz (Retrain Limiting Beliefs) – The second audio track that the customer gets with the Shifting Vibrations program focuses on creating layers of positive belief in the mind. This audio helps a person believe that one has the power to manifest abundance in your life. 
  • Track 3 (WITH SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES): ‘Shaman Beats’ 71-79hz Raise Your Vibrations – The third track that the user gets with the program comes with subliminal messages. This Shaman Beats takes a person on a beautiful journey that promotes deep meditation, lucid dreaming, astral projection, and deep intense focus. This audiotrack is modeled on the deep trance state achieved by Shamans and Tribesmen over the centuries. 
  • Track 4 (WITH SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES): ‘Lucid Oddysee’ 207-215hz – The fourth trick that the customer gets with the Shifting Vibrations program focuses more on lucid dreaming and enhancing the vividness of your dream. The creator has mixed the most effective audio techniques from the other lucid dreaming techniques that the creator has into this audio. 
  • Track 5: ‘Golden Ratio Experience’ 396hz – The fifth track that comes with Shifting Vibration is called ‘Golden Ratio Experience’. This audio track is tuned into a frequency that would help a person manifest faster, raise vibrations quickly, and grow stronger in all aspects of one’s life. 
  • Track 6: ‘New Horizons’ Astral Experience Luxury 8-Hour Track – The sixth track of Shifting Vibrations takes you on an ‘otherworldly’ lucid dreaming/astral projection adventure. This audio track is designed for deep meditation, astral projections, and other aspects that activate the third eye. 
  • PDF Instructions – Besides the 6 audio tracks, the Shifting Vibrations program also comes with a PDF containing instructions, detailed descriptions, and explanations of each track of the program. The PDF also explains how to use these audio tracks and what to prepare before listening to them. 
  • VIDEO LESSON: An HD Video Lesson – The last thing that is included in the Shifting Vibrations program is an HD video lesson. In this video lesson, Stef, the creator of the program, will explain in detail how binaural beats work and also will tell you about the best time to listen to them. 

What Are The Benefits Of Trying Shifting Vibrations Program?

Some of the major benefits of the Shifting Vibrations audio program are the following:

  • Aids in activating your third eye
  • Helps with lucid dreaming
  • Unlocks your manifestation ability
  • Helps you attract wealth and happiness to your life
  • Connects you more with the universe
  • Improves the quality of your sleep

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How To Use AstralHQ Shifting Vibrations Audios?

Each audio track of the Shifting Vibrations is 8 hours long and they all are designed to bring about significant changes in your life. The creator of the program suggests that you can listen to the audio while you are sleeping and can easily complete the 8-hour-long. 

Since there are 6 audio tracks, the creator recommends that you start with one audio at a time. You can start with the basic audio which is the ‘Golden Frequency’ audio and then listen to any audio that you like. 

As all of these audios focus on different factors, you can listen to them according to your needs. If 8-hour long audio is too much for you, the creator of the Shifting Vibrations has also created 20-minute and one-hour-long versions of these audio tracks that would get you started. 

Further details regarding the ways to use the Shifting Vibrations manifestation program are revealed in the PDF instructions and HD video lesson that comes with the program. 

How Much Does Shifting Vibrations Cost? Is It Affordable?

The creator of Shifting Vibrations wanted the program to be affordable for everyone who is struggling financially. Therefore, they are offering the program at a cost affordable for everyone and the price of AstralHQ Shifting Vibrations is $37. 

For this cost, you will get lifetime access to the program and all the things included in it. You can now get access to the program on the official website by completing the payment process. 

After completing the payment, you can download the program to your device and then listen to the audio tracks and use the other resources in any way that you want. 

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AstralHQ Shifting Vibrations Bonuses

When you get the Shifting Vibrations manifestation program now, you will get five bonuses and they are the following:

  • Bonus 1 – Stormy Escape: The first bonus is called Stormy Escape. This is a beautiful binaural beats audio track that focuses on your brainwaves in theta while you are trying to achieve an astral project. The audio has relaxing sounds such as ambient noises, rain sounds, and wave sounds that could also improve your sleep quality. 
  • Bonus 2 – Theta Brainwaves: The second bonus is also an audio track and this binaural beat is pure theta. This audio track will aid in activating the theta waves in your body and also helps while attempting an astral project. You can listen to this Theta brainwave audio whenever you want. 
  • Bonus 3 – Astral Starwaves: The third bonus is Astral Starwaves which is also an audio track that has finely tuned ambient noises that are designed to drift you into an OBE directly. This audio track will help you in getting used to lucid dreaming and meditation and improve your astral projection. 
  • Bonus 4 – Rainy Winter: The fourth bonus that you get with the Shifting Vibrations online program is also an audio track and is named Rainy Winter. This new soul frequency combines ambient meditation music with soft binaural beats. Rainy Winter is perfect for waking astral projection and meditation. 
  • Bonus 5 – Royal Awakening: The last bonus that you get with the Shifting Vibrations program is called Royal Awakening. This audio track bonus is for third eye activation and opening. Royal Awakening can also be used for third-eye meditation and you can use it first thing in the morning. 

Shifting Vibrations Money-Back Guarantee

According to the official website, the Shifting Vibrations manifestation program is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. 

This means if you do not manifest anything in your life even after listening to the audio track of the program for a few weeks or you are not satisfied with the program for any reason, then you can get a refund from the creator of the Shifting Vibrations audio program using the money-back policy. 

To get a refund, you can contact the manufacturer of the Shifting Vibrations team at 

Final Word On Shifting Vibrations Reviews

After analyzing different aspects of the manifestation program, it seems that AstralHQ Shifting Vibrations is legit and is worth spending money on. The program consists of audio tracks and resources that offer multiple benefits which include activating your third eye, improving manifestation ability, and attracting wealth to your life. 

The Shifting Variations program has strong ancient studies backing its working principle and includes proven methods and techniques that can activate your pineal gland. The audio program provides you with 6 audio tracks that you can listen to for achieving various purposes. To make using the Shifting Variations program easier, the creator of the program also provides you with detailed instructions on the right way to use it. 

Shifting Vibrations audio tracks are offered at an affordable price by the creator of the program. The program is also backed by a money-back guarantee ensuring that spending money on it is completely risk-free. 

All in all, the AstralHQ Shifting Vibrations program seems to be worth giving a try. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I have to listen to the AstralHQ Shifting Vibrations audio tracks daily?

The creator of the Shifting Vibrations program says that you can listen to one audio track included in the program a day and continue the process as long as you want. 

  • What is the ideal time to listen to the audio tracks of Shifting Vibrations?

If you are planning to listen to the 8-hour audio track once, then you can sleep by listening to the audio. Otherwise, you can listen to the audio track at any time of your convenience. 

  • Will I get a physical product after ordering Shifting Vibrations?

Shifting Vibrations is a digital program. Therefore, you won’t get a physical copy of the audio tracks and the other things included in the program. 

  • Is there a refund policy for the Shifting Vibrations program?

Yes, the Shifting Vibrations program has a refund policy which is valid for 30 days from the date of purchasing it from the official website. 

  • Is there a subscription fee for the Shifting Vibrations program?

Besides the cost of the program, there is no subscription fee or hidden charge for the Shifting Vibrations program. 

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