Shauna C. Murphy Releases New Young Adult Fantasy Novel – Animalia

Shauna C. Murphy Releases New Young Adult Fantasy Novel - Animalia
Shauna C. Murphy Releases New Young Adult Fantasy Novel – Animalia
In a realm where humans and animals share a unique bond, one young girl’s journey will change the fate of all…

Coco Studios is thrilled to announce the upcoming release of Animalia, an enchanting young adult fantasy novel authored by the talented Shauna C. Murphy. Set to hit bookshelves on November 11, 2023, Animalia takes readers on a spellbinding journey into an alternate Victorian era filled with magic, mystery, and the remarkable bond between humans and animals.

In the frosty landscapes of Norway, nestled on an isolated peninsula, lies the prestigious and secretive Svalbard School. This exceptional institution specializes in teaching the secrets of the Victorian-era world to a select group of students from across the globe. Among the diverse programs offered at Svalbard School, one stands out: Animalia, where young talents learn the ancient art of working with animals’ unique abilities.

The story follows thirteen-year-old Sunday Gråe, who aspires to follow in her late father’s footsteps and become an Animalia student. Sunday’s dreams come true when she gains admission to Svalbard School. However, as she delves deeper into her studies, she realizes that the school is hiding dark secrets. Mysterious disappearances plague the Animalia students, and Sunday finds herself entangled in a perilous mystery that could put her own life in danger.

Animalia combines the allure of The Golden Compass with the intrigue of Enola Holmes, offering readers a captivating blend of fantasy and mystery. The novel brings to life an alternate Victorian era where students from around the world work toward altruistic goals, such as conservation, art, justice, innovation, and health, all while exploring the magical connection between humans and animals.

Author Shauna C. Murphy has crafted a tale that will transport readers to a world where hidden wonders and the bond between humanity and nature take center stage. Her unique perspective, rooted in a childhood spent amidst the theatre in Los Angeles and summers exploring the great outdoors, shines through in Animalia, a story that inspires hope and wonder.

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Join us on November 11, 2023, as we step into the extraordinary world of Animalia and experience the magic for ourselves.

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