Serge Energy – A Renewable Energy Investment Company

Serge Energy is a cutting edge Renewable and Sustainable Energy company that aims to provide responsible Investments that create environmental and social benefits alongside a healthy investor return.

The EU has set climate change targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions and increase the total energy production from renewable energy sources.  With the long term goal of cutting carbon emissions from 80% to 95% and developing a low-carbon economy.

To meet this challenge, Sergio Ross Quinones, the founder and director of Serge Energy established their latest Renewable Biomass Energy project to produce natural energy from biomass fuels, such as scrap lumber and sawmill residue, forest debris and some types of waste residues. The biomass is then processed into pellets for use within the domestic heating market which would otherwise have used fuels such as oil or coal.

Finland was not selected as a base for Serge Energy’s projects because it is the happiest country in the world, rather it was selected due to the sheer scale of freely available, or cheaply available raw biomass that can be used as feedstock for biomass pellets. 

Biomass processing is a huge business in Finland representing a large portion of their economy. There are numerous processing plants, specialized contractors and transport companies spread throughout the country that allows for the efficient production of processing of biomass pellets.

Finland has an excellent transport network, allowing the finished biomass pellets to be exported to the target markets of Denmark and Germany. Even in the depth of the Finnish winter, the transport system works efficiently.

Sergio has said that through his experience and contacts within the renewable energy field, combined with the relatively low entry price of the project and also with the high pellet price currently being commanded in the target market, that this is an excellent asset-backed investment opportunity for all types of investors.

In the event that you are looking to participate in Serge Energy’s latest renewable energy investment where packages start from €24,300 and are open to investors from all around the world, feel free to email Sergio directly on for further information.

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