SEO Experts At Isenselogic Reveal 8 ways employees can help improve SEO ratings

SEO professional, David Meshach recently shared with fellow business owner some practical methods a business’s employees can help the business gain more revenue through SEO. The advise will help businesses of all sizes and types.

“Whether you an international conglomerate or a local mom and pop hair salon you can utilize your employee’s family and friends to increase your rankings on Google thereby bringing your company more business. The two main things that influence Search Engine Optimization are links from other sites and the content and authority of your website. Every employee from your executives down to maintenance personnel can help improve your companies search engine visibility by using the following techniques.”

One of the fundamental ways of Search Engine Optimization is to know the right keywords related to a business so that it can be known how the customers are looking for a business, product or service. Meshach suggests using a Google Keyword Research Tool, MOZ keyword research tool, and others. One of the many other ways employees can help a business website improve its SEO rankings is through links, according to Meshach links from local businesses are a gold mine since Google consider’s local link signals more relevant if you are a brick and mortar but they also help on international websites. Therefore, he suggests encouraging employees who own websites to add a link to the business’s website on their website. Links can also be left through comments local news stories about relating industry, the keywords can also be used within the comments for maximum result. Meshach also suggests that business owners ask vendors who have websites to link the business’s website.

Social Media shares and comments are another elements where employees can get actively involved by sharing content, commenting and following the business’s activity. This provides important social signals to the business’s website and increases its SEO rankings. Finally, Meshach suggest encourages business’s owners or marketers to have a strong social media presence, incorporate company blogs, guest blogging, press releases and bringing back old content using links and keywords to keep things fresh and interesting.

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