1000 tech professionals competed to win their deserving reward in Digital Harbor Coding Challenge in January 2017

Digital Harbor, a leader in fraud prevention and risk management and a trusted partner of leading health care organizations across the United States, ran a month long online coding contest “Digital Harbor Coding Challenge” in India for the tech professionals, in the month of January 2017. Digital Harbor hosted this contest using Techgig, an online community forum for the Information Technology enthusiasts.

The “Digital Harbor coding challenge” was launched in 6th Jan 2017 and ran till the end of the month, attracting participants from several cities. This online challenge presented a problem statement that could be solved using any of the 40+ popular languages including Java, C, C++, Python, etc. The contest saw hundreds of participants ranging from software engineers and leads to Technical specialists, competing to produce an enhanced solution. By the end of third week, the contest saw close to 1000 participants competing to win their deserving reward.

The codes submitted by the participants goes through a set standard of evaluation procedures and get ranked based on several parameters, including time taken to code, time taken to execute, number of test cases passed, memory occupied by the code, etc. Digital Harbor has proposed a reward of Rs. 50,000 for the deserving coding champion, apart from offering a whole lot of Digital Harbor brand goodies for the top 30 coders.

Also, all the top coders of this contest get a chance to be interviewed by Digital Harbor and in turn work on the World’s First Highly Collaborative Enterprise Technology Platform – Social Enterprise Technology (S.E.T.) Universal Platform.

Digital Harbor Coding Challenge is a programming-focused coding contest designed to inspire the creative and dynamic generation of tech professionals. Digital Harbor also plans to host programming and solution focused Hackathons in Bengaluru, this year.

About Digital Harbor

Digital Harbor, a leader in the field of Fraud Prevention, offers the industry’s most advanced end-to-end operational intelligence suite for detection, investigation, assessment and monitoring of fraud. With its indigenous Social Enterprise Technology (SET) Universal Platform, Digital Harbor seamlessly enables collaboration within and between the enterprise knowledge workers and all the relevant stakeholders, aiding in making informed decisions and thus transforming the enterprises from focusing on “better transactions” to “better decisions”.

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