Selecting the Gender of Your Baby – Is It Ethical?

“Are ‘Designer Babies’ Ethical?”
As a race, we have advanced at an incredible rate as far as technology goes; and in particular IVF and the unnatural conception of babies. Some clinics are now able to offer gender selection as part of the IVF process using a procedure known as pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). One company in particular National Infertility Day are offering this service to patients. However, we ask the question, is this ethical? Are we as humans playing ‘God’ too much with this technology?

The process of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) is a technique that claims to be almost 100% accurate at choosing the sex of an unborn baby. National Infertility Day are one of few companies able to offer this service to couples prior to IVF treatment, and are advertising it with a new website for soon to be mums and dads to consider the option of sex selection.

A number of critics have claimed the procedure to be unethical, and ‘playing God’ however we managed to speak to a specialist at National Infertility Day who had this to say: “Not every case of IVF is straightforward, and you need to consider everyone’s personal circumstances. We feel parents have the right to choose the sex of their child. If the technology is there, we should embrace it”.

The representative went on to say: “PGD isn’t only used to choose sex, it is also used to spot potential diseases and can eliminate them before they happen”.

“A recent article in the Guardian sheds light on a future of ‘designer babies’ and this could be the start of what is to come. However, from what we have seen PGD does have its advantages.”

If you are interested in the work carried out by National Infertility Day, and want more information – a helpful FAQ is available on their website which is packed with further information on the subject.

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