Refined Syrups To Be Offered At The İnterabang Bookstore.

6 July, 2017 – Award Winning syrup products manufacturer, Mckeller & Co. proudly announces to the general public its willingness to offer Refined Syrups products at Interabang BookStore. Interabang bookstore will be opening at the corner of Preston Rd. And Royal LN. in Dallas TX. The bookstore which is to be operated by Nancy Perot (daughter of Billionaire Ross Pero)t, Jeremy Ellis and Lori Feathers.

Mckeller & Co is a leading syrup company which specializes in handcrafted cocktail and soda syrup. The company is focused on quality, freshness, and thoughtfully sourced ingredients. Dedicated to providing creative, flavorful beverage choices for a more conscious consumer.

Refined Syrups products from Mckeller & Co. will be of immense impact serving as a gift as the Interabang BookStore runs its smooth operation.

Cocktails are great gifts that penetrate the heart of elites and even erudite. All products at Mckeller & Co. being handcrafted will be a great addition to the communal bookstore that soft opened this past Saturday, July 1, 2017.


“Cooling off these hot summer days with a wine cocktail and a great meal. In honor of this, I have created a wine cocktail to go with Housemade Lobster Sliders on Housemade Split Top Poppy Seed and Sesame Buns.” – Mckeller & Co.

Mckeller & Co. Refined Syrups intend to help elevate the reading experience within these 5000 sq ft walls.The bookstore expects to have private readings and events in the coming months. Already, there is an arrangement to create a total family enclave, with the mind of which being able to mix Refine Syrup products to make sodas, as well as cocktails, would make an enjoyable and fun-filled experience for everyone.

Mckeller & Co. Refined Syrups is a socialite company that considers the well-being of every heart. The company has an eye for online presence, promotes its Facebook, instagram and Twitter pages to attend to anyone as the case may be.

Mckeller owns a website that welcomes every visitor, showing refined syrups that can be a party turn on or just some cool gifts.

Visit Mckeller & Co. Refined Syrup today and have a classic feel of Refined syrup products!

Media Contact
Company Name: Mckeller & Co. Refined Syrups
Contact Person: Darrell Mckeller
Phone: 214-923-2088
Address:7508 Ambassador Row
City: Dallas
State: TX 75247
Country: United States