Seca Vision launches the S.E.C.A book series for children battling illnesses

Book portrays superhero characters that inspire the kids

Seca Vision is proud to announce their collection of children books inspired by real heroes. The books contain characters that experience special need challenges and depicts the struggles they went through. The characters are known as the S.E.C.A team with different identities representing the most common children illnesses. The author’s intention is to tell stories with these characters, which children can easily relate with. There are already two books published, which are available on the Barnes&Noble online bookstore.

“I grew up witnessing kids in my family suffer from childhood illnesses. For these children and even adults, the struggle is peculiar and unique. As I grew up and joined the military, I travelled to many hospitals to volunteer and realized I have the heart for these children and their parents, and the struggles they went through every day. I wanted to go beyond to help these kids in the hospitals so I decided to create these characters, which I feel they can relate with and take solace in knowing that they’re the true strong heroes of this world,” said Don Icon, author of the S.E.C.A team book series.

The S.E.C.A team superhero children books are inspired by the art of Edgar Robinson’s paintings of beautiful landscapes. It also narratives the birth of the legend of the Super Eye Fly and how the character Yusef battles with diabetes and at the same time discovers the power to overcome. The second installment gives the narrative of the second hero, SuZen, and her battle with children’s leukemia that leads her to become the amazing Lady Su. The two books already published includes S.E.C.A Presents: Special Heroes Legend of the Super Eye Fly and S.E.C.A Presents: Special Heroes Legend of Lady Su, both of wish are available for sale on Barnes&Noble.

“I love the S.E.C.A books because of the smart and child-friendly way it portrays characters that relate to kids with special needs. My son loves it and always talks about it with his friends at the hospital and in the house. It is a fantastic fictional novel that is inspiring kids to fight hard and hope for better days,” said Hilary B, a parent.

Apart from the books, there is also the S.E.C.A Super Eye Fly collector’s item, which is a half Boy, half Cicada to go along with the favorite story. Parents can also purchase the secada season (cicada mania) t-shirt, which is an item that represents the celebration of 17 years of Cicada, this year.

About Seca Vision

Seca Vision is a book publishing company own and run by author, Don Icon. They publish children books inspired by real stories and sell merchandise that helps to bring the stories to life.

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