Australians Organise World-first X-US Event Alternative News Conference in Place of Nexus Conference 2017

Volunteers pull together to organise a 2-day conference on the 29-30th July in light of Nexus Newsfeed’s announcement to not hold their annual Nexus Conference after 25 years.

Duncan Roads from Nexus Magazine says of the Nexus Conferences: “Our aim is to present hard-to-get, ignored and suppressed information on the subjects of health, science, the unexplained, world events and history. Our goal is the day when all people of all races and colours can live together in total trust and respect, on a planet that is clean, abundant and healthy.”

On 29-30 July 2017, a world-first two-day conference beams in The Grand Hall of Mosman Art Gallery to ask the hard questions.

In the tradition of the Nexus conferences, the well known speakers will cover a rich array of topics: 

  • Duncan Roads: The secret history of Australia, Hidden agendas & Exo-politics
  • Richard Dolan: The secret space program (live via Skype)
  • Brendan D. Murphy & Aimee Devlin:Re-tuning the collective consciousness
  • Megan Heazlewood: Crop Circles – A true enigma
  • Jeni Edgley: Thefuture of natural health
  • Lisa & Jimmy McDonald:Plasma science and Keshe technology: The peace evolution
  • Mariana Flynn: Insights into the complexities of ET visitations and abductions
  • Mark Robinson: Alternative currencies: government and bank control, secrecy

The focus of the X-US talks will be on the latest global events and what is really happening behind the scenes. The aim is to stimulate and dare to challenge the audience’s view of reality.

Nexus’ appeal reaches over 500,000 people globally, and its magazine is the largest selling alternative news source in Australasia – sold in over 12 languages in 20 countries.

X-US conference follows in the venerable footsteps of the highly successful Nexus conferences, which has been successfully run by Duncan Roads for the last 25 years. The conferences have often exposed the concept that the truth is no longer out there – that it is right here intruding into our everyday lives, often bypassing our awareness.

In place of what would have been the Nexus Conference 2017 held by alternative news source Nexus Newsfeed, X-US aims to provide answers to those asking ‘What are the forces behind the scenes driving our politics, our economy, our technology, our wars and indeed our reality?’

The X-US difference – the audience will be hungry to know more, so X-US events is making the event interactive with a Q&A session at the end of each day. There will also be demonstrations during the intermissions of the latest plasma energy technology applications.

Tickets for the 2-day event are $180 for the weekend on the 29th – 30th July, and early bird tickets are currently available for $135 until 16th July.

Booking information can be found at

About X-US

X-US is an event created by volunteer group Makers Place to continue in the venerable footsteps of the annual Nexus Conferences, specifically due to the fact that there will be no Nexus Conference 2017.

The aim is to provide a valuable source of information to the many proponents of alternative news, including UFO Alien News and updates.

Media Contact
Company Name: X-US
Contact Person: Mike Starman (Event Coordinator)
Phone: 0422403968
City: Sydney
Country: Australia