Sean Young steps into the Spotlight in New Intimate Documentary

“Above: Sean Young. Stunningly beautiful movie star Sean Young bares her soul and brings insight into her life, the journey to stardom and the pitfalls of standing up to a corrupt entertainment industry in new documentary.”
Stunningly beautiful movie star Sean Young bares her soul and brings insight into her life, the journey to stardom and the pitfalls of standing up to a corrupt entertainment industry in new documentary.

Above: Sean Young clowning with Harrison Ford in this rare behind the scenes Polaroid during the making of Blade Runner.

Below: Publicity still from Blade Runner, starring Harrision Forn and Sean Young.

January 3, 2018 – Sean Young will be the subject of a new documentary to be released in 2018. Directed by Timothy Hines (10 Days In A Madhouse – the Nellie Bly Story, War of the Worlds The True Story), the documentary about the beautiful seminal Blade Runner replicant will be an in depth, intimate portrait of Ms. Young; one of the world’s most iconic and sometimes controversial movie superstars ever to grace the big screen.

Above: Sean Young stars opposite Kyle MacLachlan in David Lynch’s Dune. Below: Sean Young in No Way Out.

The Sean Young documentary will chronicle the remarkably talented and beautiful star’s childhood, her rise to superstardom and the tremendous challenges she had to subsequently face in refusing the advances of powerful moguls and keeping her integrity in a corrupt industry.

Above: Sean Young on the set of No Way Out, starring opposite Kevin Costner and Gene Hackman.

Above: Director Timothy Hines (R), pictured with actor Christopher Lambert (L), is directing the new intimate documentary abount Sean Young.

“How do you explain the brilliant, vivacious moviestar Sean Young with those stunning features,  amazing wit and absolutely captivating depth as an actress?” director Timothy Hines asks. “How do you get inside her enormous skyrocket shot to stardom at 19, having Premiere magazine crown her the movies’ most controversial actress and her unending ability to maintain her flawless look, style and talent in an industry that spits out young starlets like chewing gum? Using 300 hours of never before seen footage of Miss Young’s personal life, marriage and behind the scenes footage of Young on the sets of major motion pictures such as Blade Runner and Dune, that’s how. We will get a personal, up-close and inside view into the career of this forever engaging mega-talent from the inside.”

Sean Young on the set of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective where she starred oppostie Jim Carrey.

Above: The very portrait of stunning beauty – Sean Young.

Hours of interviews with Ms. Young and comments and opinion of Ms. Young from major stars such as Michael Caine, Armand Assante, Matt Dillon, Nicolas Cage and many others will also be included.

Above: Sean Young on the set of Stripes, starring with Bill Murray, directed by Harold Ramis.

The documentary incorporates clips from several of her landmark movie blockbusters such as Blade Runner, Dune, No Way OutWall Street and Fatal Instinct. Also, behind the scene rehearsals and filming Ace Ventura: Pet Detective with Jim Carrey and a cavalcade of stars who have played opposite to Sean Young.

Above: Sean Young in Wall Street, directed by Oliver Stone.

Sean Young recently reprised her role of Rachel in Blade Runner 2049, completed 2017 for Warner Bros and is soon to begin filming Timothy Hines’ new feature Earth Angel, produced by Susan Goforth and Donovan Le for Pendragon Pictures. Ms. Young’s commitment to the craft of acting remains unwavering. Between filming movies, devoted fans can sometimes find Ms. Young as a guest star at many prestigious Sci-Fi Comic-Cons this upcoming 2018 year.

Above: Sean Young in publicitiy still from No Way Out.

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