Bold Grounds Coffee Co. presents prepaid subscriptions for freshly-roasted-to-order coffee sourced from around the world

BOLD grounds Coffee Co. is a popular supplier of freshly roasted to order coffee that has launched prepaid subscriptions for the customers so that they never run out of coffee again. Using the subscription, the customers can receive freshly ground coffee sourced from top coffee growers around the world at their doorstep, once a month. The customers can choose from the 3 months, 6 months, 9 month or 12 months subscription. They can simply choose the type of coffee and get it delivered to them at the same time each month or choose the option of receiving a different roast type every month. Additionally, there are no shipping charges.

Bold Grounds roasts their coffee in Micro batches and purchases only fair trade coffee from sustainable farmers supporting the local coffee growing businesses all over the world. The company strives to provide the freshest roast of coffee for every order, every time. Whether they are dealing with an order for personal, retail or restaurant, the utmost priority is given to the quality and freshness of the coffee they’re providing.

Since coffee is seasonal and unique to its region, the company rotates their origin throughout the year to source the best quality coffee. It also offers great discounts to individuals, offices, and restaurants for bulk orders. Through a unique referral program, the customers can earn free coffee by referring a friend to buy coffee from Bold Grounds.

One of the offerings available at Bold Ground’s online store is the Colombian roast that’s full of flavors of brown sugar, dried cherry, almond & milk chocolate with a balanced acidity. Another variant offering at the store is the Costa Rica roast, which is a medium bodied coffee full of dried fruit, almond and chocolate flavors with a mild acidity end. The customers can also find the Guatemala coffee, a full-bodied roast filled with flavors of mango and almond butter with toffee undertones, the Honduras coffee, an all organic roast loaded with flavors of chocolate, orange zest and apple butter with a medium body.

All the offerings can be seen at

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