SANCI Introduces Fresh Collection of Travel Inspired Jewelry

Reflecting a keen grasp of distinct cultures, the new SANCI selection embodies a wealth of new concepts and universal appeal!

February 15, 2016 – Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Acknowledged as one of the finest creators and suppliers of travel inspired jewelry, SANCI is fast gaining national and global attention with its new collection that is transforming jewelry into a universal metaphor for individuals and societies. The distinctive collection includes bracelets, rings, and necklaces distinguished by travel inspired designs, where each piece truly is a symbol of love and peace.

According to company’s spokesperson and designer Sandra, “Through my travels, I am often inspired by what I see around me.  The different cultures, cities and a way of life!  These observations I then interpret into what I want to create.  Those creations were turned into SANCI creations.  Aside from being inspired through my travels, I find inspiration out of a fondness of a memory, an experience or a mood.  Jewelry to me is more than just something you wear.  It is something you think about and talk about.  Something that represents a current place in your life.”

Throughout her career as a designer, Sandra has skillfully worked the relationship between jewelry and the wearer’s body.  Attention to detail, sophistication and uniqueness best describe the new collection. The synergy between art and jewelry is quite apparent, and for all those who appreciate contemporary travel inspired jewelry, SANCI designs are a must. Available in wide variety of designs and sizes and made out of finest quality materials, each jewelry item is unique.

Some of the popular items in the new collection are, Love Bracelet, Itty Bitty Diamond Bracelet, Heart Ring, Heart String Necklace, Key To My Heart Necklace, Peace Necklace, Lapis Lazuli, and Ring Plate to name a few.

Talking more about her products and services, Sandra further commented, “My collection is created and handmade by me and is meant to be worn as an everyday accessory, versatile, casual with elegance.  As a true Gemini, I tend to change things up quite a bit! I know that you will love my creations as much as I do and that they will compliment your beauty and essence.”

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Renowned for creating extraordinary and highly affordable jewelry for their clients around the world, SANCI is an Ontario, Canada based brand that takes pride in the quality and craftsmanship of the items available on its website. All its items are handmade, designed and produced in Toronto. The gemstones for the jewelry are sourced from different parts of Europe.

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