Marketing Grin – More Companies are Looking to Digital Marketing to Increase Sales

Digital marketing is one of the fastest growing industries as companies look for a competitive edge.

Companies are constantly looking for ways to increase sales and with so many people now online, digital marketing is the obvious solution. It is one of the fastest growing industries with a growth of around 40% year on year as more businesses invest online.

Digital marketing allows companies to increase reach and engagement whilst converting prospects into long-standing, loyal customers. Most companies use a blend of digital channels such as search marketing, social media, content marketing, email and biddable media. The main attraction is the huge potential reach, the ability to run highly targeted campaigns that can be easily tracked with accurate reporting as well as a variety of payment models.

Google transformed the advertising world with the release of Google AdWords. A platform that offered massive reach and keyword targeting where companies are only charged when their ad is clicked and where companies set the amount that they want to pay. This was an easy sell to most companies as it was superior to most offline alternatives.

Jack Willis from Marketing Grin, a full service digital marketing agency in Essex, explains: “Google transformed the marketing landscape with the introduction of Google AdWords. Companies began spending more and more on digital marketing on channels such as SEO, social media and email marketing. They realised that they could achieve a wider reach and more qualified traffic. It was much easier to quantify returns on investment too.”

Mr. Willis went on to say “Many people foresaw the digital boom and it is easy to understand why certain companies are so successful online. Although the concept is straight forward, being successful online is easier said than done now the market is saturated. Most businesses have a digital strategy and to be successful, you need to have a clever strategy and to stay ahead of the competition.”

He went on to say “digital marketing is a process. Your website is effectively your shop and somewhere where you can generate sales and sales leads. You should have a clear online buying cycle on your website and where possible, encourage users to give you their contact details and thus enter into the buying cycle. You should use digital channels to increase reach and to drive qualified traffic to your site but also to nurture and convert prospects with the help of your offline marketing and sales team. This is exactly what we do at Marketing Grin. People understand the concept yet there are so many brochure style sites, especially with B2B companies, and consequently are missing out on a massive opportunity.”

Marketing Grin is a full service digital marketing agency in Essex and works in a variety of different industries, having a mixture of B2B and B2C clients. Their focus is to increase reach, improve engagement and to convert prospects into long-standing, loyal customers. They achieve this using an effective blend of digital marketing channels.

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