San Diego Water Damage: Apartment Bathroom Leaks Lead to Major Problems

Unlike most homeowners expect, small water leaks can often lead to huge water damage problems.

Pacific Flood Restoration helps families and businesses with water damage in San Diego and the surrounding areas. Apartment complexes frequently have water leaks, and for Michael Damico and the Pacific Flood Restoration team, this is usually expected to be a standard job.

“Like a good many jobs we have, most of the time these small leak issues turn out to be much more than we originally expect. We are usually informed this is just a small leak,” said Michael Damico.

The small leak in the apartment becomes a serious mold infestation problem. Mold poses a serious health problem unless contained and completely cleaned. Asthmatics, elderly and immuno-suppressed individuals are especially at risk.

“Apartment complexes with mold issues pose significant problems because the mold may not be contained in a single unit. We usually have to do some extensive searching, water remediation and deal with the mold. This is a very complicated and involved job for the team that we always handle perfectly,” said Michael Damico, principal of Pacific Flood Restoration – the leading San Diego water damage restoration service provider.

Sometimes, the job takes longer than expected with more than one family affected because of the mold problem. Michael Damico’s team makes rapid progress and works tirelessly to return the apartments to livable condition. They also come in under budget, something the apartment complex owners are very pleased to know.

“Our job is to get people back on track. Water damage in San Diego or any other area is never pleasurable to happen, but mold makes the situation much more dire. This is why if you have any water damage, contact us immediately. We are available 24/7 for this specific reason,” said Michael Damico.

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